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Monkeypox Trace Lost Due To Lack Of Data, UNA Expert Says



Monkeypox Trace Lost Due To Lack Of Data, UNA Expert Says

(CTN News) – Monkeypox, According to Juan José Romero, an epidemiologist at the National University (UNA)–National University, the difficulty of gathering essential data from people infected with monkeypox, combined with an increase in cases in recent days, suggests that the path of the virus has been lost in the country.

There has been an outbreak of monkeypox (Viruela Simica, also known as Viruela del Mono, in Spanish) in Costa Rica since July 20, when the first case was detected.

There have been 23 positive diagnoses reported so far, eight of which were recorded in the past week.

A UNA epidemiologist clarified that it is a disease that is considered an international health emergency. However, it may not reach pandemic proportions as Coronavirus, since it has a low transmission rate and is in a moderately controllable population, at the moment.

How does monkeypox spread?

An example of a double-stranded DNA virus is monkeypox virus, which causes in humans and other mammals. Viruses belonging to the orthopox virus genus, such as monkeypox, cowpox, and vaccinia, are close relatives of virus. An MPV has an oval shape and an outer membrane composed of lipoproteins

The disease was a family of smallpox that affected people, had a high mortality rate and was eradicated with the help of vaccines prior to the 1980s.

Monkeypox spreads in what manner?

At present, monkeypox affects only young and healthy individuals. Current evidence suggests that monkeypox spreads from person to person, through contact with lesions or scabs that may be found on an infected individual’s skin or mucosal surfaces (such as eyes, mouth, throat, genitalia, anus, or rectum), or during sexual contact, including oral and non-penetrative contact during caregiving,

When living in the same household. When in close contact, the virus can spread through respiratory particles, such as those generated by talking, breathing, coughing or sneezing. However, we are still gathering information regarding that mode of transmission.

It is not known if an infected individual who does not exhibit any symptoms can spread the virus to others.

As well as spreading directly from animal to human, the virus can also be transmitted by direct contact with contaminated objects.


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