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Chinese Diabetes Experts: Type 1 Diabetes On The Rise



Chinese Diabetes Experts: Type 1 Diabetes On The Rise

(CTN News) – According to experts ahead of this year’s World Diabetes Day, which falls on Tuesday this year, there is a rapid rise in the incidence of type 1 in China, with the peak age of onset being between the ages of 10 and 14 years old, with the peak of type 1 diabetes occurring at a younger age.

According to Zhou Zhiguang, director of the National Clinical Research Center for Metabolic Diseases, the number of type 1 diabetes patients below the age of 15 has almost quadrupled in the past two decades, and the disease is becoming more common among children below ten and even younger than five years old.

According to the doctor, both the number of children with type 1 diabetes in the country, as well as the rate at which the disease is spread in the country, are ranked fourth in the world in terms of the prevalence of the disease.

The blood glucose level in diabetic patients needs to be measured four to eight times per day, and in order to control the blood glucose level, diabetic patients need insulin injections on a daily basis. Children with type 1 diabetes must have their blood glucose measured four to eight times per day and take at least four insulin injections.

The impact of this disease on children is so great that it places an enormous burden on their disease management and social psychology, according to Jin Sheng, who is in charge of a social organization that provides support to minors with the disease and their families in Shanghai.

According to Yang Tao, chief of the endocrinology department of the First Hospital Affiliated with Nanjing Medical University, “a number of parents with young children who are being diagnosed with diabetes are disappointed that their children will have to take insulin injections for the rest of their lives.”.

It should come as no surprise that Tzield, a new concept in diabetes treatment that can delay the onset of type 1 diabetes for nearly three years for patients aged 8 or older, made its Asian debut last week at the 6th China International Import Expo held in Shanghai.

As of last year, the injection developed by French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, which was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, is the first and only innovative drug of its kind that can delay the onset of type 1 diabetes.

It is a major breakthrough in the treatment of type 1 diabetes since the advent of insulin a century ago, and marks one of the world’s greatest breakthroughs ever.


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