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4 Things you can do to take your Facebook Lead Generation to the Next Level



Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Generation can be a daunting task, in fact, for most business owners that generating leads is the most difficult task in running a business. Anyone can spend money on Facebook and the time to generate a few lives here and there but it’s a whole different ball game to run ads and generate high-quality leads within the budget.

The reason most business owners fail terribly at Facebook lead generation is that they lack a strategic method and instead they just want to boot scores and get leads at low cost. That’s not how the Facebook platform is structured.

In fact, at any point in time, multiple people are looking to attract the same audience. And Facebook is structured to give leads only to the people who pay the highest amount to Facebook.

In such a scenario it is difficult for a normal business owner to get leads at affordable prices.

Without that, you cannot create a strategy around paid ads to grow your business.

Here are four things you can do to take your Facebook lead generation to the next level and get leads at an affordable cost so that you can build a rock-solid strategy around Facebook paid advertising for sustainable business growth!

👉 Focus on retargeting your existing audiences

The single biggest reason why most business owners fail is that they focus only on getting new leads from random and raw audiences on Facebook. This approach will only make money for Facebook and not for the business owner. Because it’s like going to random people at a bar and asking them to marry you.

People need to know you and trust you before they can decide to buy from you. And you don’t have to build trust from scratch to sell to people. The golden hack is – If you can leverage the trust that you have already built with your existing audience.

What’s more? running retargeting ads on Facebook is super simple! All you have to do is upload a list of your existing contacts and customers, create a custom audience out of it, and use that custom audience for targeting in your next Facebook ad.

👉 Instantly engage your FB leads

Even the people who want your service don’t remember your ad or the fact that they failed your form on Facebook if you call them 48 hours later. The way Facebook ads work is – People are busy browsing Facebook and wasting their time and that’s when they see your ad. If it is properly optimized and interesting then they will fill out the form.

But they don’t remember too much about the ad. So if you get in touch with them immediately there is a high chance that they will recall the ad and go ahead to close with you.

But if you call them about two days later then I can guarantee that they just won’t remember clicking on your ad or filling out your form. If you are this late in calling Dand you have to spend A lot of time explaining to them the reason for your call and what product or service you are offering!

Instead of that use a good Facebook lead capture and download CRM integration to instantly engage with your Facebook leads.

👉 Continuously improve your ads for a better conversion rate

Most business owners who run Facebook Ads for the first time make the mistake of creating the ad material once and then forgetting about optimization. Meanwhile, all their competitors create and optimize the ads to get the best conversion rates! This is why it is super important that you continuously improve your Facebook ad content to reduce the cost per lead and increase the quality of leads that you get!

👉 Optimise the entire funnel and don’t just focus on lead generation

Most lead gen experts will just focus on ways to target a new audience and convert them into leads but they just forget that the purpose of lead generation through Facebook is not just generating new leads but also converting those leads into sales.

Because ultimately it’s the sales and revenue that matter. So it means you have to optimize for the entire funnel and not just the ads that convert interested people into leads.

This means taking the right steps for funnel optimization. Things like –

– Implementing a CRM for lead management.

– Training your team for instantly engaging the leads.

– Never missing a follow-up call.

– And if needed even running Facebook ads to retarget the leads at different stages of their customer journey to make sure that they convert into sales instead of just getting stuck somewhere in the funnel.

👉 Conclusion

If you do it without proper strategy and optimizations running Facebook ads can be daunting and it can exhaust all your budget while not even delivering the appropriate business growth targets.

Facebook ads optimization is a huge field but this article should give you the appropriate head start in terms of the right mindset and optimizations that you need to take care of as a beginner who wants to efficiently run Facebook ads and create sustainable profitable marketing strategy out of it.


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