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Thai Police Now Believe Red Bull Heir Fugitive Possibly in Austria



Police Say Red Bull Heir Fugitive "Boss" Maybe in Austria

According to a Royal Thai Police spokesperson, Red Bull heir Mr. Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, wanted in Thailand for an infamous hit-and-run incident in 2012, is in Austria, but no proof of his residency is available.

Vice-chairman of the House committee on police affairs, Sanya Nilsupan, stated this after a meeting with the RTP that centered on the location of Mr. Vorayuth.

Mr. Sanya stated that the search for Mr. Vorayuth is still on and that the police believe he is in Austria.

In light of Interpol’s red notice, RTP’s foreign affairs department has reached out to its Austrian counterparts to try and locate him.

Mr. Sanya said the committee will not question any other members of the Yoovidhya family as they were not involved in the hit-and-run and cannot be expected to cooperate.

The Palang Pracharath Party MP said the panel will instead look for officials who can find the Red Bull heir “Boss” and prosecute him.

Red Bull heir fled abroad

He added that the investigation into the 18 officials who helped the Red Bull heir Mr. Vorayuth avoid prosecution would be complete by next month.

Before fleeing abroad, Vorayuth postponed his court appearances more than five times.

While he was overseas, a speeding charge against him was dismissed upon the expiration of the one-year statute of limitations. The second charge, failing to stop to help a crash victim, expired on September 3, 2017.

The two charges remain active – the first was for narcotics use after cocaine was found in his system during a drug test. That charge expires on September 3, 2022.

The second charge — reckless driving that causes death — will expire in 2027.

A public outcry prompted the Office of the Attorney General to pursue the charge after originally planning to drop it.

Meanwhile, According to a shareholder resolution attached to the company’s annual report, Red Bull will distribute to Mateschitz and Thailand’s Yoovidhya family, which controls 51% of the company, half of the company’s distributable profit, and half a billion euros in retained earnings.

Dividends paid by Red Bull to shareholders are more than double what they were last year.

According to the resolution, Dietrich Mateschitz will receive an additional 165 million euros on top of his pro-rata amount, without giving any explanation. In addition, Chalerm Yoovidhya receives 3.2 million euros. It was Austria’s Dossier magazine which first reported the results and dividend.


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