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Chiang Mai Police Believe Remains Found are of US Tourist Mark Meurs



Police are investigating the origins of the skeleton, a skull and several other bones.


CHIANG MAI –  Police crime scene investigators have reported that bone remains of a man have been  found in the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. Police are now investigating the origins of the skeleton, a skull and several other bones. Police have speculated that the bone remains belong to a Mark Dutton Meurs and that investigators are not considering it a crime, but rather an accident or a suicide, as no traces of a fight were found.

Chiang Mai Police Investigators stated that they had received information that an American tourist (Mark Dutton Meurs, aged 59), had written a letter saying that he was going to spend his rest of life living in the National Park. Upon receiving the letter, a search was organized, however no one was able to find him.

Mark Meurs resided in Chiang Mai and offers his Healing, Massage and Reconnective/Reintegration services to the community.  After a 30 year career in Health Services including Pediatrics, Chi Gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki, Mark discovered Reconnective Healing after moving to Thailand in 2007. His family and friends stated on various social networking sites that they were worried about him as he seemed somewhat depressed prior to his disappearance in early 2012

The bone remains will now be sent to a hospital in Chiang Mai for a DNA testing, in order to confirm whether the bones do or do not belong to Mark Dutton Meurs.

Mark Dutton Meurs Police Document passport found at the scene


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