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Canadian Nic Brown Paralyzed from Shooting in Chiang Mai Faces Uncertain Future – [Video]



Nic Brown has spent 4 months in a Thai hospital after being paralyzed in a bar shooting


CHIANG MAI – Nic Brown a Canadian man paralyzed from the waist down during a bar room shooting in Thailand faces an uncertain future as he tries to return home to British Columbia Canada.

Nic Brown went to Thailand about one year ago to teach English after traveling to 17 different countries around the world in the past five years. After the job ended, he stayed in the country on a tourist visa.

Last summer, Brown was in the northern city of Chiang Mai, at a bar he describes as “not even a dangerous place, in an upscale part of the city.”

When a fight erupted between a Thai patron and the bartender, Brown assisted in breaking up the scuffle. The man, however, returned later in the evening with a gun.

“The guy came back, he opened fire — five shots. I was hit along with two others and taken to hospital… Just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Brown said

Brown was left paralyzed from the waist down following the shooting, and Thai doctors have told him that they don’t know if he’ll ever walk again.

Currently, the shooter’s family is paying for Brown’s medical expenses, but the bills are starting to pile up. Additionally, he’s not sure what will be covered when he returns home.

The Canadian Victims Abroad fund is paying for Brown’s plane ticket home in December, and he hopes he will access to the services he needs to cope with his paralysis, Brown says.

Nic now faces a mounting financial burden in medical and legal expenses. A fundraiser for Brown will be held August 9 in Chiang Mai at Bar Eve. Those outside Chiang Mai who wish to donate can do so directly through the donation site or by contacting him directly via Facebook.


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