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India Records Highest Single-Day Rise in COVID-19 Cases in 5 Months



India Records Highest Single-Day Rise in COVID-19 Cases in 5 Months

(CTN News) – In the previous day, 1,590 new cases of Covid-19 have been reported in India, the largest daily increase in over 5 months. On Saturday, 8,601 new cases were reported, making about 0.02 percent of the country’s overall number of new cases.

India records 1,590 new COVID-19 cases, highest single-day rise in 5 months

The number of deaths attributed to covid in India rose to 5,30,824 on Saturday as 6 more cases were confirmed, as stated by the Union Health Ministry.

Three additional fatalities occurred in Maharashtra, and one occurred in Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand.

The percentage of upbeat days was 1.33 percent, and the percentage of upbeat weeks was 1.23 percent. Overall, the United States had a Covid-19 recovery rate of 98.79%.

With a case fatality rate of 1.19 percent, the total number of patients who have recovered from the COVID-19 virus has risen to 4,41,62,832.

Delhi and Mumbai witness steady rise in COVID-19 cases

According to the ministry’s website, 220.65 billion doses of anti-Covid vaccination have been distributed to those in need.

Meanwhile, the number of reported cases in the nation’s capital is also rising, from 117 on Thursday to 152 on Friday. Friday saw 133 cases in Mumbai, while 136 were reported in Pune for the same period.

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in India rose on Friday, with 1,300 new cases reported.

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