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Thailand’s Army Chief Say’s Siam Paragon Blasts Not Political



Deputy Defence Minister and Army chief Udomdej Sitabutr

Deputy Defence Minister and Army chief Udomdej Sitabutr


BANGKOK – Thailand’s Army Chief  and Defence Minister General Udomdej Sitbutr is urging the public to dismiss rumors that the bomb blasts at Siam Paragon on Sunday are politically motivated.

The Army Chief, who is also a deputy defense minister, said that police officers and the army’s intelligence have been sharing information regarding the Sunday incident.

The General added that the case is under the jurisdiction of police, stating further that it would be impossible to establish any connection between the explosions at BTS Siam and the one in Minburi, given there is no solid evidence suggesting so.

The public should wait for the police to identify the suspect(s) before jumping to conclusions, the General said.

The General reported Police in Bangkok have revealed CCTV footage of two people suspected of planting the bombs at BTS Siam.

According to police spokesperson, Police Lieutenant General Prawut Thawornsiri, the footage clearly revealed the identities of the two suspects.

The police have described them as males of around 160-170 centimeters in height. They were wearing a hat, a white shirt, pants and sneakers.

Meanwhile in other Army News, Thailands Supreme Commander Gen. Worapong Sanganetra has confirmed that the Cobra Gold exercise will continue as scheduled this year, affirming the good relations between Thailand and the United States military.

Gen. Worapong Sanganetra has said that the United States soldiers will be participating in the Cobra Gold exercise as scheduled normally this year.

He has said that the Thai military and the United States were cooperating productive, while military personnel and equipments from the US will have to be brought in for the exercise.

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