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Thailand Schedules General Election For May 7, 2023



Thailand Schedules General Election For May 7, 2023

(CTN News) – Next year’s general election is tentatively scheduled for May 7 by the Election Commission of Thailand (EC). From April 3 to April 7, 2023, all candidates can register.

EC announced the general election plan today, as the government’s four-year term expires on March 23, 2023.

A general election must be held within 45 days after the government’s term ends, as stipulated in Section 102 of the Constitution. In 2023, May 7 falls on that day.

There will be a Thailand Election on May 7, 66, or within 5 days if the parliament is dissolved. The council is on the full term.

Registration will open April 3-7, and the official list of candidates will be announced April 14.

In case Parliament dissolves ahead of schedule, the EC’s also ready. Section 103 of the Constitution says the EC must hold an election within 45 days of the end of the government’s term. After the dissolution, the EC has to announce the election date.

For Thai citizens who can’t vote on the schedule, the EC will set up an advance voting date on April 30, 2023.

Future candidates can start their campaigns 180 days before the government’s term ends. Later, the EC will release rules and guidelines for candidates to follow.

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