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Thai Social Security Office allocates 207 million baht for the historic board election



Thai Social Security Office allocates 207 million baht for the historic board election

(CTN News) – Thailand’s Social Security Office (SSO) has set aside 207 million baht for the inaugural election of Social Security Board members. According to the Security General, Boonsong Thapchaiyuth, the event on December 24 is a first in the board’s history.

Under the Social Security Act, the Social Security Board acts as a liaison between the Thai government and the Social Security Fund (SSF), with the primary responsibility of managing the fund for members.

Representatives from several ministries, including labor, finance, interior, and public health, as well as the Budget Bureau, employers, and employees, serve on the board.

Previously, representatives on the board were elected by labor unions. The present board, however, is made up of appointees from the now-defunct National Council for Peace and Order.

This upcoming election allows SSF members and employers to elect seven representatives to the board. According to Niyada Senimanomai, the SSO Inspector General, 14 million SSF members are qualified to vote out of about 24 million SSF members.

Expatriates and members who have not finished their money submission, on the other hand, are not eligible to vote. Prospective candidates can register on the SSO website beginning Wednesday and ending October 31.

Election for Social Security

The election, according to Chalee Loisung, Deputy Leader of the Thai Labour Solidarity Confederation (TLSC), was a result of the 2015 Social Security Act, which awarded SSO independence.

He went on to say that a transparent SSO administration could help to avoid political meddling. Advocates for laborers’ rights are among the expected board candidates from the employee side.

Manas Kosol, President of the Confederation of Thai Labour (CTL), expressed hope that CTL members will be voted to the board to continue developing plans for a labor-specialized bank.

This bank seeks to assist persons who are unable to obtain loans from traditional banks. Members of the Move Forward Party’s (MFP) Progressive Social Security Team have also stated their intention to run for office.

According to Suthep Ou-oun, a listed MFP MP, the party leader agreed to assist registrations in order to capitalize on the party’s huge victory in the May 14 general election.

Siwawong Sukthawee, a Progressive Social Security Team candidate and member of the Migrant Working Group, disagrees with the decision to bar expat workers from voting.

Similarly, Soontri Hatti Sengking, Vice Chair of Homenet Thailand, a labor development foundation, urged SSF members to exercise their right to vote in order for their voices to be heard.

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