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Thailand Court Rejects Petition to Renominate Pita Limjaroenrat as PM



Thailand Court Rejects Petition to Renominate Pita Limjaroenrat as PM

(CTN News) –  In a surprising twist of events, Thailand’s election-winning Move Forward Party has declined to support former alliance partner Pheu Thai’s bid to form the next government.

The Move Forward Party, which emerged as the victor in the May 14 election, alongside Pheu Thai, expressed concerns about the distortion of the election outcome through the current government formation process.

The May 14 election marked a significant rejection of nine years of military-led or backed governance, with both Move Forward and Pheu Thai securing strong support from voters. However, tensions and disagreements have marred the subsequent efforts to establish a cohesive government.

The alliance between Move Forward and Pheu Thai dissolved after Move Forward’s leader, Pita Limjaroenrat, faced rejection twice in his attempt to become the prime minister. The bicameral parliament, influenced significantly by the royalist military, was pivotal in thwarting Move Forward’s aspirations.

Pheu Thai seized the opportunity and stepped up to lead government formation after Move Forward’s attempts were blocked twice in the National Assembly. This move has been criticized, with accusations that Pheu Thai maneuvered to secure leadership while sidelining Move Forward.

Pheu Thai’s Attempt to Form Government Faces Challenges Amidst Political Turmoil

Amid the ongoing political turmoil, critics have accused Pheu Thai of aligning with senators and parties associated with past military coups to gain support. This has raised concerns about the legitimacy and fairness of the government formation process.

The decision by Move Forward Party’s Secretary-General Chaithawat Tulathon to reject participation in the government formation under the current conditions underscores the party’s commitment to upholding the will of the people as expressed through the elections.

Pheu Thai has nominated Srettha Thavisin, a former real estate mogul with no prior political experience, as their prime ministerial candidate.

However, Srettha’s success hinges on securing the support of more than half of the joint lower and upper houses, a challenge that may prove difficult given the current political landscape.

Pheu Thai leader Cholnan Srikaew remains optimistic about Srettha’s chances, expressing confidence in his ability to prevail in the prime ministerial vote. He emphasized the party’s willingness to collaborate with all parties despite Move Forward’s decision.

As Thailand navigates through this intricate political situation, the fate of the government formation and the nation’s leadership remains uncertain, leaving the country’s future direction in balance.

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