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Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell Dies of Covid-19



Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell Dies of Covid-19

Former US Secretary of State and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell has died from complications from Covid-19. He was 84, his family statement said General Powell had been fully vaccinated.

Despite getting vaccinated against COVID-19, General Powell remained vulnerable to the virus because of his advanced age and history of cancer. General Powell had been treated over the past few years for multiple myeloma.

Colin Powell was the first African American secretary of state-appointed by Republican President, George W. Bush.

As chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Powell oversaw the Persian Gulf war that ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein from his invasion of Kuwait. He was also paly a big role in the invasion of Iraq.

Powell had called Iraq’s claims that it had no weapons of mass destruction “a web of lies.” No weapons of mass destruction were ever found after the US invaded Iraq. The invasion was later derided as a low point in his career.

President George W. Bush said, “General Powell is an American hero, an American example, and a great American story.” The son of Jamaican immigrants who became President Bush’s secretary of state in 2000.


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