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‘X’ CEO Linda Yaccarino Announces Seamless Video Chat Integration And Phone Number Privacy




(CTN NEWS) – Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X (formerly known as Twitter), has officially confirmed the integration of video calls into the platform, marking a significant step in its evolution into an encompassing “everything app.”

Yaccarino shared this news during her inaugural television interview since her transition from NBCUniversal to her current leadership position at the social media giant in June.

Yaccarino Unveils Seamless Video Chat Integration in the X Ecosystem, Eliminating Phone Number Sharing

Yaccarino revealed, “In the near future, users will be empowered to engage in video chat conversations seamlessly within the X ecosystem, eliminating the necessity of divulging their phone numbers to other platform users.”

This revelation came amidst her enumeration of other features either already present on X or slated for its future, such as extended video content, subscriptions for content creators, and the facilitation of payments.

Preceding this official declaration, a hint about this impending feature was dropped by X’s designer, Andrea Conway, who shared a cryptic post: “Just initiated a call on X,” accompanied by a quartet of mind-blown emojis.

While the nature of the call—whether it pertained to voice or video communication—remained ambiguous at that juncture, Conway’s post now strongly indicates that the call functionality alluded to is indeed actively in the works.

The integration of video calls stands as a testament to X’s ongoing efforts to broaden its horizons and redefine its scope, making it a comprehensive platform catering to a myriad of digital interactions and services.

Elon Musk Unveils Ambitious Plans to Transform Twitter into an All-Encompassing Everything App

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has unveiled his vision for a complete transformation of the platform into an all-encompassing application.

This revamped app would allow users to subscribe to their favorite content creators, watch videos, share extended thoughts with posts spanning up to 25,000 characters, transfer funds, make payments, and potentially even store money in high-yield savings accounts.

The company has been making swift strides towards these objectives. Just last month, it introduced a revenue-sharing initiative with creators on a global scale.

Furthermore, it recently incorporated support for videos lasting up to two hours, a feature utilized by Apple to broadcast an entire episode of its Apple TV+ series, “Silo.”

In a notable move, Twitter secured the @music handle, indicating a potential interest in providing support to musicians and artists.

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During an interview, Yaccarino expressed her alignment with Musk’s vision of this comprehensive app, affirming that her decision to join the company was based on its transformative aspirations.

“When Elon invited me to join the company,” she stated, “he was very explicit and clear that my role was to assist him in steering Twitter toward the realization of an all-encompassing ‘everything app.'”

Elaborating on the distinction between her role and Musk’s within the context of the app’s future, Yaccarino explained, “Elon spearheads product design. He leads a team of exceptionally talented engineers and concentrates on pioneering new technologies.

Elon is dedicated to expediting the rebranding process and charting the app’s future course.

In contrast, I assume responsibility for all other aspects of running the company — from cultivating partnerships, navigating legal matters, driving sales, managing finances, and all other operational domains. Our roles are distinctly defined.”


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