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How is the New Twitch Store Going to Impact Gaming?



Twitch is an ultra-popular streaming service that is actually a subsidiary of the online retail giant Amazon. Back in 2014, Amazon bought the company and immediately announced that they were going to supplement its Prime service with a store for digital games, DLCs, and other game-related content.

This store would simply introduce new features that will allow viewers to either purchase games or in-game content right from the Twitch website or from their favorite Twitch streamers.

This main goal of this store is really to provide extra monetary gain to the streamers, but there is no denying that it is going to impact gaming in the meantime. So, how exactly is it going to do this?

It Wasn’t A Success

There is simply no denying that this store was a great idea. The only problem was that it just wasn’t providing enough extra income to the users that it was targeting. And, this is the main reason that Amazon decided to close down the store, which will take place on November the 28th of this year.

This was an innovative action and Amazon’s heart was really in the right place. The only problem was that users just simply weren’t taking advantage of the store and everything that it had to offer, which led to the eventual shutdown.

Access To Free Downloads And Subscriptions

There is no denying the fact that a lot of online providers like poker deposit pulsa are taking advantage of online offers. Heck, every time you turn around it seems like the site is offering a new sign up or loyalty bonus. And, this is the exact same approach that Amazon took with Twitch when they originally purchased it.

Anyone who was already an Amazon Prime member will be granted free access to the new Twitch store. This means that Amazon Prime members could download games as well as in-game content for free. This is going to give gamers more access to the titles and games that they love.

More And More Gaming

It doesn’t matter how much you love a game or gaming altogether, there are going to be times when you get bored with the same content. And, this is exactly where DLCs and other games come in handy. Viewers like a variety. They do not want to just see the same content over and over again.

With all the readily available DLCs, both streamers and viewers will have access to in-game content. Not only this, but they can watch many of their favorite streamers take advantage of these DLCs and in-game content before they do. This will give them a first-hand account as to what they can expect from the experience.

Accessing Purchased Properties

Just because gamers are losing this Twitch store it doesn’t mean that they are losing their already purchased property. Luckily, you can still access and play your full games, and DLCs right from your desktop or console. On a side note, Ubisoft games will be a bit different, as they have to be accessed and played via Uplay.



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