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GIGABYTE Unveils The GeForce RTX 4080 Series Graphics Cards



GIGABYTE Unveils The GeForce RTX 4080 Series Graphics Cards

(CTN NEWS) – The GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 4080 16GB series graphics cards, powered by NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, will be available on November 16 from GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd.

A top producer of high-end gaming hardware.

The performance of the new GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs has increased dramatically, enabling gamers and content producers to play games at ultra-high frame rates and increase workflow effectiveness.

AORUS XTREME water-cooled graphics cards, AORUS MASTER, GAMING OC, AERO OC, and EAGLE OC air-cooled graphics cards, as well as GIGABYTE’s WATERFORCE and WINDFORCE thermal solutions.

They are all available to consumers and satisfy various demands and requirements.

GIGABYTE Unveils The GeForce RTX 4080 Series Graphics Cards


The best option for individuals looking to construct open-loop liquid cooling systems is AORUS WATERFORCE WB. GIGABYTE.

A specialist in thermal cooling solutions offers the ideal channel spacing between the micro fins for improved heat transfer from the GPU via steady water flows.

The copper micro fins with sunk designs minimize the length of heat transfer from the GPU, allowing for rapid heat transfer to the water channel area.

A further benefit of the patented “Leak detection” technology is that the entire fitting and water block have a leak detection circuit built in that can quickly alert users by flashing lights at the first sign of a leak.

Allowing them to deal with the leakage early and stop further harm to the system.

RGB illumination is supported on the graphics card’s front cover and backplate, allowing players to personalize their look using the GIGABYTE CONTROL CENTER (GCC) software.

With an easy-to-install solution, the AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE all-in-one graphics card offers best-in-class performance and a quiet gaming environment.

The three 120mm double ball bearing fans on the 360mm aluminum radiator keep the graphics card cool.

The outstanding water-cooled path design, combined with the direct contact of the copper plate with the GPU and VRAM.

Improves the thermal performance of the complete graphics card as the liquid also goes through the MOSFET and other vital components.

As a result, the GPU maintains exceptional performance at low temperatures and safeguards other components, ensuring their long-term stability and security.

The RGB effect on the front, side, backplate, and fans of the graphics cards may also be customized by the users.

Additionally, the 460mm length tubes are built on the back of the card to prevent interference with the CPU cooler and make it simple for customers to plan the cable management.

GIGABYTE Unveils The GeForce RTX 4080 Series Graphics Cards


The top-tier gaming graphics card sought after by players and enthusiasts is AORUS. AORUS always delivers an amazing performance and stunning appearance.

“Users must adhere to this,” says AORUS.

The WINDFORCE bionic shark fan on the AORUS MASTER graphics card has redesigned fan blades and a unique surface design that can reduce noise by up to 3dB while also increasing static pressure by up to 30%.

The graphics card guarantees excellent thermal performance, especially under high loads, when combined with the vapour chamber in direct touch, numerous heat pipes, and the larger screen cooling vent at the back.

In addition, AORUS is bringing back RGB Halo, an improved version of their iconic triple-ring RGB lights that many DIY enthusiasts and AORUS fans consider the industry standard for RGB lighting.

This well-liked function makes use of both by providing addressable lighting effects on the rotating fans and utilizing the persistence of human vision. Every build will undoubtedly shine in style, thanks to it.

Furthermore, consumers have another way to customize their cards by adding text, photos, or gifs via the LCD Edge View on the graphics card’s side. Critical statistics, such as power usage, temps, fan rpm, etc., can also be observed.

GIGABYTE Unveils The GeForce RTX 4080 Series Graphics Cards


A famous and well-liked graphics card from GIGABYTE, the GAMING OC focuses on performance and stability, making it appropriate for a wide range of target markets.

The AERO OC graphics card in white is a favourite for designers and consumers who appreciate clean design. The all-white aesthetic is ideal for PC systems with a theme of light colours and simple design.

Additionally, due to the material, the LOGO on the card’s back can mirror the effect of the rainbow light pattern.

The EAGLE OC graphics card employs several cutting-edge features to provide a distinctive and individualized identification, such as graphics, signs, and geometry related to the universe and stand out prominently on the card’s design.

The WINDFORCE cooling mechanism is used on all GIGABYTE air-cooled graphics cards.

It has three distinctive blade fans, alternate spinning, a sizable vapour chamber with direct contact with the GPU, composite copper heat pipes, 3D active fans, and screen cooling to maximize heat dissipation.

The WINDFORCE fans use graphene nanolubricant, which is 2.1 times the fan’s lifespan and provides quiet operation while offering approximately the same lifespan as a double ball bearing.

Users can change between OC and SILENT modes according to their demands without using any software thanks to the integrated Dual BIOS switch.

Both modes offer GIGABYTE’s ideal settings, offering a useful and more adaptable functionality. Additionally, the AERO OC and EAGLE OC graphics cards also feature RGB lighting.

Users may alter the RGB effects and colours using GCC software to create their own PC design. The GAMING OC graphics card also inherits the RGB Halo from AORUS.

The redesigned metal rear plates on the GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 4080 16GB series graphics cards have a unique design to create a more sturdy construction that resists bending and deforming over time.

A customized anti-sag bracket that provides the best reinforcement and improves the overall aesthetic is also included with the air-cooled graphics cards.

Since GIGABYTE uses ULTRA DURABLE, certified components and a good power architecture, the graphics card operates at lower temperatures and with more performance.

AORUS and GAMING OC graphics cards provide clients with a 4-year guarantee (needs online registration within 30 days of the purchase date) to deliver a better user experience.

Allowing them to enjoy gaming and producing content without stress.


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