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Southern Thailand

14-year-old Boy Accused of Killing Forestry Offical in Yala, Thailand

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Police in southern Thailand have arrested a 14-year-old boy who shot and killed a senior forestry official in Yala Province Saturday. police said three suspects including the mastermind were arrested.

Authorities say the killing was planned by Arseesa Kamae, 34, a subordinate of the victim. She allegedly hired Treenaphat Suwanpathipat, 33, and the 14-year-old whose name has been withheld.

All three are in custody on charges of murder, illegal possession of a weapon and carrying it in a public place.

Kowit Wangthaveesap, 53, a forestry chief was gunned down in broad daylight. The 14 year-old shooter was riding pillion on a motorcycle on a road in tambon Sateng in Muang district.

Three Suspects Arrested


Investigators who examined security video from the scene found that two motorcycles were involved in the attack, Police reported.

One of the vehicles was ridden by a woman. It belonged to Ms Arseesa, an accountant who worked at the forestry office. The other was driven by a man with the boy riding pillion firing shots at the victim in Yala.

Yala police Investigators subsequently called Ms Arseesa in for questioning. During interrogation, she admitted she was the person seen riding the motorcycle in the video.

The officers later also found the other vehicle was ridden by Mr Treenaphat. When they questioned him, he admitted he rode the second bike and implicated the 14-year-old boy as the shooter.

Gun was hidden near a well

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Mr Treenaphat later took police to two houses in Raman district where clothes, crash helmets and the motorcycles used during the attack were kept. The bikes had been disassembled. The weapon was hidden near a well behind another house in the same district. The pistol had belonged to Ms Arseesa’s late brother-in-law.

Yala Police Lt Gen Ronnasil also said the fatal attack was motivated by a personal conflict. According to the Bangkok Post Ms Arseesa reportedly had been seeking a promotion at work but was disappointed.

The three suspects were taken for a crime re-enactment on Saturday in Yala.