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Which Genre of Games Is Most Accessible to a Newcomer?



Which Genre of Games Is Most Accessible to a Newcomer?

Even to those who aren’t interested in gaming, it’s not at all unusual to hear about it in the same way that you will often hear about other pop culture events like films and music.

This, naturally, can lead some people to investigate if they would be interested in it for themselves, which can be daunting when the medium is as vast and expansive as it’s grown to in modern times.

So, where should you start? Which genre generally provides the best point of entry? There’s no definitive answer, as it depends on preference and prior gaming experience, but some popular answers could be worth your attention.

The Popular Games

While it doesn’t work out exactly like this, the games that see the highest player counts and sales might be worth your time as they arguably appeal to the most general scope of audiences. That’s not to say that there aren’t exceptions; games like Elden Ring sold incredibly well despite being a part of a genre that some would consider relatively niche.

However, games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and even more story-driven games like God of War are all heavily different from one another while all being very popular overall.

This can allow you to have some confidence in the fact that you’re entering at a point that audiences are generally on-board with, but also provide some flexibility in the aspect of the game that you end up preferencing (multiplayer, story, exploration, etc.).

Games You Already Know

Other genres that might interest you could include games that you already know. For example, Tetris might feel like a relic of a bygone era, but its re-releases and consistent player base speak against this assumption, and its place in pop culture might make it a recognizable place for you to start.

Alternatively, you might be more interested in something like online slots – taking a game that you might have played in pubs or casinos and giving it an aesthetic and digital overhaul that segues neatly into the video game medium as a whole.

With this and other similar games being available through casino Australia online that you can access on your phone, you can take it step at a time – first experiencing the game, then others on the site, before branching out to other forms of mobile gaming.

Party Games

Forcing yourself to try games and get into something entirely new isn’t always going to work for everyone. Some people are going to need it to be introduced to them more naturally, which might be why they gravitate towards multiplayer games that can become excuses for them to spend time with their friends in a dynamic and fun setting.

Party games, like the popular Jackbox series, are good examples of this, and the variety-show format can get you used to trying new things and being open-minded to new digital experiences.

If this resonates with you, moving onto similar but more ‘gamey’ titles like Mario Party might help you expand your repertoire and keep the time you spend with your friends fresh.

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