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New Zealander Arrested for Visa Overstay By 2,173 days

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New Zealander Arrested for Visa Overstay
Immigration Police in Pattaya question New Zealander: Police Photo

Immigration officers in Thailand’s vacation town of Pattaya have detained a 60-year-old New Zealander for visa overstay of nearly six years. Mr. Corrine, was apprehended at a convenience store near Jomtien Beach, Immigration Police said.

According to a police spokesperson, the arrest was part of a “X-ray” operation aimed at ridding Pattaya of visa offenders as well as foreigners who have been reported to be committing crimes or encroaching on Thai-only professions.

Mr Corrine was arrested after it was discovered that he had overstayed his visa by 2,173 days.

He told Immigration officers that he had evaded detection for nearly six years by rarely appearing in public and avoiding developing local contacts.

He also acknowledged to leaving his house solely in the evenings to buy necessities in order to avoid contacts with law enforcement.

Immigration Police have notified him on his violation, and he is currently in Pattaya awaiting deportation proceedings.

Visa Overstay in Thailand

Overstaying your visa in Thailand is a serious crime with severe penalties. Those who exceed their allotted stay face steep fines and even jail time, according to the Thai government. The normal penalty is a 500 Baht fine every day of overstay, up to 20,000 Baht. However, if you overstay for more than 90 days, you may risk incarceration and a lifelong ban on re-entering the country.

The authorities vigorously enforce these laws, and overstaying is not tolerated. Immigration checks are prevalent, and officials can hold and deport overstayers quickly. Paying the fine does not guarantee that you will escape detention or deportation; this is at the discretion of Thai immigration.

To avoid overstaying, keep note of the date your visa expires and file for an extension well in advance. Leaving Thailand before the deadline is critical, even if it is only for a border crossing. Ignorance of the rules will not be acceptable as an excuse.

Visa Overstay can have long-term consequences for your ability to go to Thailand in the future. If you are detected, your passport will be stamped with an immigration blacklist, which will restrict you from re-entering for a specific length of time or maybe permanently. To ensure a smooth stay in the Land of Smiles, protect yourself and strictly adhere to visa restrictions.



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