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[VIDEO] Bodycam Footage Reveals Tragic Shooting Of Pregnant Woman By Ohio Police



(CTN NEWS) – Body camera footage revealing the moments leading up to the tragic shooting of a pregnant woman by an Ohio police officer last week has been unveiled to the public on Friday.

The incident involved Ta’Kiya Young, a 21-year-old who was suspected of shoplifting. She was approached by two police officers in the parking lot of an Ohio grocery store on August 24.

Despite repeated requests from the officers for her to exit her vehicle, one of them drew their firearm as Young gradually accelerated her car toward an officer, resulting in a collision.

In response to this threat, another officer discharged their weapon through the car’s windshield, tragically leading to Young’s death, which was confirmed by the Franklin County Coroner’s Office shortly before 7:45 p.m. on the same day.

The body camera footage, which Young’s family had the opportunity to view before its public release on Friday morning, portrays an officer approaching a vehicle with Young seated in the driver’s position.

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Tense Confrontation Escalates: Ohio Officer’s Orders Ignored as Car Drives Away

“Step out of the vehicle,” the officer repeatedly instructs. “Why?” Young inquires. “They’ve reported a theft. Please remain inside,” he replies.

A second officer positions himself in front of Young’s car, places his hand on the hood, and eventually aims his firearm through the front windshield.

“I haven’t taken anything,” Young protests. “Then exit the vehicle,” the first officer insists. The officer in front of Young’s car then raises his gun toward her. “Get out of the car,” the second officer demands firmly.

“No,” Young retorts, followed by, “Are you going to shoot me?”

“Step out of the vehicle,” the first officer responds while rapping on Young’s window with one hand and grasping the slightly open window with the other.

Moments later, Young turns her steering wheel and drives away. A sharp sound is heard as the officer in front of the car fires into the windshield from close range and shifts to the driver’s side.

The exact location of Young’s injury is uncertain. A scream is heard as the car continues to move at a slow pace. “Shots have been fired!” the first officer exclaims. “Stop the car, for God’s sake!”

The second officer appeared to make an effort to steer or halt the vehicle, eventually causing it to collide with the grocery store’s facade.

Following this, the officers shattered the driver’s window, and the recording concluded.

Once they had removed Young from the vehicle, the officers promptly called for emergency services and tried to assist her by applying a seal to her wound in an effort to staunch the bleeding, as stated by Blendon Township Police Chief John Belford.

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Family and Attorney Demand Justice for Ta’Kiya Young, Label Shooting a Criminal Act

In a formal statement, Young’s family and their attorney contended that the shooting “undoubtedly constitutes a criminal act” and demanded “a prompt indictment” of the officer responsible for firing the shot.

“Upon having viewed the footage in its entirety, it is irrefutable that Ta’Kiya’s tragic demise was not only preventable but also a severe abuse of power and authority,” the statement declared.

“In addition to the anguish of losing Ta’Kiya, we must grapple with the knowledge that her unborn daughter was also robbed of her life in this heinous act.”

Young was described by her family as “a source of love, resilience, and vitality to all who were acquainted with her.”

“Her untimely passing has created a void that words cannot adequately express, especially for her two young sons, who must now grow up without their mother’s love and guidance, while attempting to comprehend the circumstances leading to her homicide,” the statement continued.

The officer who discharged the firearm has been placed on administrative leave.

Initially, the other officer was also put on administrative leave, but after Chief Belford reviewed the body camera footage and found no grounds to keep him on leave, he was reinstated, according to Belford.

Both officers involved in the incident have not been publicly identified.

Ohio police

Officer Describes Events Leading to Fatal Shooting as Attempted Vehicular Assault

In an official statement, Belford disclosed that Young drove her vehicle directly into one of the officers, leading him to “fire a single shot through the windshield,” resulting in her fatality.

Belford asserted that the officer was a victim of an attempted vehicular assault.

As Young drove away, part of the other officer’s arm remained inside the driver’s side window, making him a victim of misdemeanor assault, as revealed by the footage.

The officer’s fingers were gripping the window as Young attempted to flee.

Since Young is deceased, charges cannot be filed, but the status of both officers as crime victims remains, according to Belford.

“This is a tragic incident,” Belford expressed. “Ms. Young’s family understandably finds themselves deeply distraught and grieving.

While none of us can fully comprehend the extent of their pain, we can all offer our thoughts and prayers, providing them with the time and space they need to cope with this heart-wrenching turn of events.”

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is conducting an inquiry into the shooting but did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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