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Rishi Sunak Considers Restrictions On Foreign Students To Control Migration: Report



Rishi Sunak Considers Restrictions On Foreign Students To Control Migration: Report

(CTN News) – To lower the growing net migration in the United Kingdom, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will review “all alternatives,” including decreasing the number of international students.

According to the story, which cited a representative for Downing Street, Mr. Rishi Sunak would investigate putting restrictions on dependents and foreign students pursuing allegedly “poor quality” degrees. However, the spokesman did not specify a “poor quality” degree.

This week, the most recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) numbers that indicated a significant increase in migrants sparked the UK government’s worries about increased migration. Net migration to the UK increased by 331,000 from 173,000 in 2021 to 504,000 this year.

International students had a significant role in this increase, particularly Indians who, for the first time, surpassed Chinese applicants for student visas.

“To make sure the immigration system works well, we are evaluating all alternatives. The prime minister is completely dedicated to reducing overall numbers, “Mr. Rishi Sunak’s spokesperson said on Friday.

However, limiting the number of international students is a challenge in reducing the number of migrants.

According to the research, British universities rely on higher fees from overseas students to make up for the money they lose by charging British students a lesser cost.

Some colleges risk going bankrupt if limitations are placed on allegedly low-quality degrees. On Friday, a group of students organized by the Indian community petitioned the government to exclude overseas students from the nation’s immigration figures.

“Students temporarily residing in the UK should not be considered immigrants.

Indians make up the largest cohort of international students and contribute a net GBP 30 billion to the British economy, “said Sanam Arora, chair of NISAU UK, the national organization for Indian students and alumni.

With Indian-origin Home Secretary Suella Braverman recently warning about Indian students overstaying in the nation, the Rishi Sunak administration has committed to reducing net migration in the UK. ”

Given that I don’t believe those who voted for Brexit intended an open-borders immigration policy with India, I have reservations about it. Take a look at immigration to our nation. The majority of those who overstay are from India, “She said.

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