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Rice Raid: A Thief Flees from a School in Northern Thailand



Rice Raid: A Thief Flees from a School in Northern Thailand

(CTN News) – After stealing bags of paddy rice raid destined for student lunches, a bold burglar in Nakhon Ratchasima put a local school in jeopardy. The thief broke into the school’s rice store at Baan Nong Wa En School in Bua Yai district and stole about half of the stockpiled rice.

Wanmanee Thongprom, an assistant caretaker at Baan Nong Waen School, noticed the incident. He disclosed that the stolen rice was intended to be processed for the pupils’ school lunches. When he opened the storage, he was astounded to see that nearly half of the hundred bags of stored rice had gone stolen.

A quick search of the area turned up the remains of an unknown number of culprits. They had removed the zinc ceiling of the storeroom with a cutter and slipped away with the rice. Footprints were left behind as the robber scaled the school wall to flee, leaving a trail of strewn rice from a presumably shredded sack, according to KhaoSod.

Thief: The stolen rice was part of a school lunch

The stolen rice was part of a school lunch effort for pupils, with parents contributing as a food fund to supplement government-provided meal support. The theft of a large number of rice sacks has thus posed a substantial hurdle to this undertaking.

Wanmanee has asked the police to catch the perpetrator as soon as possible and to accelerate the proceedings in this case in order to prevent further distress and potential crimes elsewhere.

In a genuinely ‘food for thought’ occurrence two weeks ago in Surin’s Isaan region, a perplexed Thai homeowner described a strange scenario involving a robber who swiped his food cabinet, only to abandon it nearby, all thanks to an unexpected muddy munch’ venture.

Weerayut Choowa, a Thai guy, contacted the Daily News to share his odd experience. Weerayut remarked that he had previously watched a thief steal bags of rice and other agricultural supplies, but he had never witnessed a criminal steal a food pantry.

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