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[WATCH] U.S. House Republicans Launch Biden Impeachment Inquiry: Key Takeaways



(CTN News) – House Republicans commenced their first impeachment inquiry hearing on Thursday, revealing the allegations they intend to pursue against President Joe Biden.

Despite their claims, expert witnesses called by the Republicans conceded that they lacked the necessary evidence to substantiate the accusations they were making.

The hearing, held by the House Oversight Committee, did not feature witnesses with direct knowledge of Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, which are central to the inquiry.

Nevertheless, it provided Republicans with the opportunity to present some of the evidence they have uncovered so far, even though none of it implicates Joe Biden in any financial wrongdoing.

This article delves into the key takeaways from Thursday’s hearing.

Biden Impeachment Inquiry: Key Takeaways

1. Insufficient Evidence to Impeach Biden

One of the most significant takeaways from the hearing was that the GOP’s own expert witnesses were not willing to conclude that there was “corruption” by the Bidens based on the current evidence.

Forensic accountant Bruce Dubinsky, one of the GOP witnesses, undermined the core Republican narrative by stating that there wasn’t enough evidence at this point to support claims of corruption.

2. Witness Testimony Frustrates Some Republicans

During the hearing, some members of the GOP expressed frustration with the proceedings.

It became apparent that the Republican witnesses were contradicting their own party’s narrative and acknowledging that there was no evidence to suggest that President Biden had committed impeachable offenses.

This led to frustration within the party, with one senior GOP aide characterizing the situation as an “unmitigated disaster.”

3. Lack of Concrete Evidence

House Republicans initiated the impeachment hearing with grand claims of connecting President Biden to his son’s allegedly “corrupt” foreign business dealings.

However, Representative James Comer, who opened the hearing, failed to provide any concrete evidence supporting these sweeping allegations.

Despite assertions of uncovering a “mountain of evidence” of Joe Biden abusing his office for family financial gain, no such evidence was presented.

4. Democrats Criticize the Inquiry for Lack of Evidence

Democrats seized the opportunity to emphasize the absence of evidence tying President Biden to the allegations brought forward by Republicans. They pointed out that the allegations primarily concerned money going to Hunter Biden and not to the President himself.

Representative Jamie Raskin, the top Democrat on the Oversight Committee, went as far as displaying 12,000 pages of bank records the committee had received, stressing that not a single page demonstrated any funds going to President Joe Biden.

Democrats also used the hearing to criticize Republicans for prioritizing impeachment over essential legislative matters such as funding the government.


The first impeachment inquiry hearing led by House Republicans against President Joe Biden began with bold accusations but lacked the concrete evidence necessary to support their claims of corruption.

The expert witnesses called by the GOP testified that the evidence was insufficient to establish wrongdoing by the Bidens.

This development frustrated some Republicans and led to criticism from Democrats, who highlighted the absence of any incriminating evidence against the President.

As the inquiry continues, it remains to be seen whether House Republicans can produce the evidence needed to substantiate their allegations or if this will be another chapter in the ongoing political battles in Washington, D.C.

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