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Reality TV Featuring Boys Entering Monkhood Hits Thailand



Real Child Monkhood Golden Horse Temple Chiang Rai


CHIANGRAI TIMES –A new kind of reality TV which features boys entering monkhood has hit the screens in Thailand.

Rambunctious more than reserved, a group of boys have just completed a month in a temple where their every move was televised.

They were the first to participate in True Television’s show “Novices Cultivating Dhamma Wisdom.”

While reality TV tends to focus on outrageous moments, “Novices Cultivating Dhamma Wisdom” wants to showcase good behaviour.

Some of the boys’ parents wanted to see if their attention and behaviour issues would improve after a month of prayer, meditation and simple living.

The first boys to participate in True Television's show "Novices Cultivating Dhamma Wisdom."

“My son plan would forget things easily even if it was something I had just taught him. At first I didn’t realize he was suffering and always scolded him for not remembering things,” said Mrs Rujiwong.

After the experience, some of the children were able to give up prescription medicine that was used to help them focus.

Ten-year-old Kamolphob Rujiwong said: “Before entering the monkhood, I had to take some pills. Now I can see incredible difference and do not need any. My concentration has also improved greatly.”

Producers said that the show would receive thousands of SMS every time it aired.

But not all were positive. Some viewers didn’t approve of boys playing around in the temple.

True Visions’ executive Netchchanok Wipatasilapin, said: “We have seen some mistakes such as the participants were not well behaved. We will use this mistake to improve next year’s programme. We believe that kids are kids and should be forgiven by audiences.”

Most of the boys said they will continue their meditation and Buddhist training even when they return home.

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