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Police Search for Mother of Newborn Baby’s Found Dead on Beach



Police Search for Mother of Newborn Baby's Found Dead on Beach

Police in Thailand are looking for the mother of a newborn baby discovered dead on a beach in the Na Yai Am district of Chanthaburi. A local homeowner who was out collecting trash early in the morning discovered the young boy on Ban Pak Ta Pone beach.

He quickly notified the village chief, who promptly notified a local emergency response centre.

The boy appeared to have been born lately, according to police, as the umbilical chord remained attached. The youngster was also bleeding from his nose and lips, but there was no evidence of physical abuse.

The baby had been deceased for six to seven hours, according to police.

Police are searching for the baby’s mother, but no one in the area was aware of a woman who had recently given birth. Investigators want to search patient data at nearby hospitals and clinics in the hopes of finding the mother.

blue dragon slug Phuket Thailand

Meanwhile, beach-goers in Phuket have been urged to avoid a possibly dangerous blue dragon sea slug that washed ashore on Karon beach yesterday. A snapshot of the mollusk was posted on the website “MonsoonGarbage Thailand” along with a caption identifying the kind of slug.

The webpage’s host forwarded an inquiry to Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a well-known marine researcher, in search of more information about the sea slug. Glaucus atlanticus, according to Mr Thon, is a deadly marine slug that beachgoers should avoid.

They eat the Portuguese man of war (Physalia physalis), a marine hydrozoan or lethal jellyfish, according to him. To destroy their victim, the blue dragons employ venom from the Portuguese man of war.

Mr Thon cautioned that coming into contact with a blue dragon can result in painful welts and dermatitis, which can be eased by rubbing vinegar to the exposed skin.

Blue dragons are not typically spotted on or near a beach. The fact that it came up on Karon beach indicates that it had been washed ashore by currents.

It is not regularly seen around Thailand’s coast, according to Mr Thon, who adds that the slugs are usually found in warm waters near Australia, South Africa, or areas of Europe.

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