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Newlywed Bride Seeks Refund Over Photographer’s Alleged Involvement With New Husband



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(CTN NEWS) – A recent series of events has culminated in a newlywed individual fervently requesting a reimbursement from two hired wedding photographers.

This unusual situation arose when the individual stumbled upon surprising images suggesting a romantic involvement between one of the photographers and their spouse shortly after the marriage ceremony.

The narrative began to unfold when a wedding photographer, operating under the pseudonym u/Wedding_dude, turned to Reddit for guidance from fellow users on how to navigate an unforeseen predicament.

Earlier this year, u/Wedding_dude had been commissioned to capture the celebratory moments of a couple as they embarked on their journey into matrimony.

Due to the unavailability of their usual partner, u/Wedding_dude sought assistance online and enlisted the collaboration of a skilled female photographer, selected based on her impressive portfolio.

Together, they adeptly documented the wedding proceedings and meticulously edited the photographs, ultimately delivering the final results to their satisfied client.

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Unexpected Twist: Bride Demands Full Refund Amidst Startling Revelations

Initially, everything appeared to be proceeding as expected. However, the past week marked a significant shift in events when an assertive email arrived from the bride, demanding a complete reimbursement for the photography services provided.

Puzzled by this sudden demand, the wedding photographer soon unraveled that the source of the bride’s indignation was not tied to any dissatisfaction with the captured wedding moments.

Instead, it was triggered by personal photographs discovered on her husband’s phone, fueling her anger. The photographer shared their perspective on Reddit, stating:

“She’s requesting a refund because the photographer I brought on for the day ended up engaging in a relationship with her husband after the wedding.

She presented photos from his phone as undeniable evidence to support her claim. It’s like me, a professional dog walker, returning a client’s dog only for it to be shot… I genuinely empathize with this woman, but it’s also a significant amount of money, and the job was completed.”

The photographer, seeking resolution to this perplexing dilemma, turned to Reddit for advice on the most appropriate course of action.

The assistant they hired was not a regular employee; however, she effectively fulfilled the contractual obligations. Yet, the “additional service” she provided might necessitate returning all the earnings.


Reddit Community Offers Diverse Perspectives on Photographer’s Refund Dilemma

Reddit users chimed in with a range of opinions, generally aligning with the idea that the photographer should not refund the money from the wedding shoot:

“Explain to her that you sympathize with her situation, but you can’t offer a refund for services that were fully executed in accordance with the contract.”

“Absolutely, that’s a spot-on response. You fulfilled your duties and met expectations. The personal situation with her husband is beyond your scope and unrelated to your compensation. You’re running a business, not a charitable organization.”

“Inform her that you will not collaborate with that woman in the future. However, as she was not directly associated with your business, a refund isn’t feasible. You can’t be held accountable for an unfortunate incident beyond your control.”

Another Reddit user proposed an additional idea for the wedding photographer to retain his earnings while extending a form of reparation to the aggrieved bride.

“As an alternative, you could consider providing a discount for a ‘future wedding’ in the event that she chooses to separate from her husband due to his unfaithfulness.”


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