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Miss Grand Myanmar 2020 Seeks Asylum in Canada



Miss Grand Myanmar 2020 Seeks Asylum in Canada

Thaw Nandar Aung, aka Han Lay, the former Miss Grand Myanmar 2020, was relieved yesterday that Thailand’s immigration department will not send her back to Myanmar.

Han Lay stated that she had been held at Suvarnabhumi airport since arriving on Wednesday afternoon in an interview with the Bangkok Post.

She said, referring to the UNHCR, “Today everything is a lot calmer because the UN is protecting me and immigration authorities at the airport are also taking care of me.” The agreement is that I won’t be sent back to Myanmar.

“Before now, I was a little frightened. It’s because I don’t want to return to my home nation. Now, everyone is in my corner. Additionally, I have support from numerous nations. And Thailand won’t return me. I appreciate that.

So, thank you also to Thailand as living in Thailand feels like being at home, “She said.

However, she is still unsure how long she will need to stay at the airport, as the UNHCR office in Thailand has not yet provided her with an estimated time frame.

Applied for asylum in Canada

Han Lay, who represented Myanmar as Miss Grand International 2020, went to Bangkok last year for the Miss Grand International 2020 competition.

After an arrest warrant was issued at home for speaking out against the regime on the pageant stage, she chose to stay in the nation.

She applied for asylum in Canada while in Thailand and updated her visa every two months. But when she had used up all of her extensions, she took a Thai VietJet flight to Da Nang in Vietnam.

She was, however, turned away at Suvarnabhumi Airport upon her return. According to a source, Myanmar’s military junta revoked Han Lay’s passport.

“Now I just wait to see what transpires. Because I can no longer enter Thailand or leave Thailand, I am confident that the UNHCR is working on a solution. My situation is extremely urgent, “She spoke.

She expressed uncertainty when asked whether she would soon receive asylum in Canada.

“The UNHCR cannot assure me of the nation that will quickly [grant asylum]. We are anticipating which nation will prove the best choice, “She said.

She hoped her situation would be seen as an emergency and that a nation would offer her appropriate asylum.

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