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Expats Choose Vietnam Over Thailand as a Better Living Destination

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BANGKOK – A survey by InterNations, “Expat Insider 2019” ranked Thailand 25th out of 64 destinations worldwide. Thailand’s worst ranking in the history of the survey.

Thailand lost ground from expats on affordability, quality of life, digital life, safety, health and well-being.

Nearly half of expats based in Thailand are not satisfied with immigration rule, cost of living and online services.  Additionally, the country ranks 56th for both political stability and the environment.

“There is no care for the environment,” said an expat from Luxembourg told the Bangkok Post.

On a positive note, quality of medical care is one of Thailand’s strongest points. Some 80% of expats rated this factor positively and the country features among the global top 10.

While 70% of expats living in Thailand are happy with their financial situation and 76% are satisfied with the cost of living, these have fallen from 77% and 86%, respectively, in 2018.

With Thailand ranking 21st out of 36 countries in the family life index, expat parents are satisfied with their family life in general. Close to nine out of 10 expats with children are happy with this factor.

Respondents are also particularly happy with the positive attitude towards families with children (93%).

Best and Worst Destinations for Expats

Taiwan (first), Vietnam (second) and Portugal (third) stand out for their excellent results in the survey. All of them attract expats with their ease of settling in and good personal finances.

While expats in Taiwan and Portugal are also extremely satisfied with the quality of life, those in Vietnam appreciate their great work life.

At the other end of the ranking, Kuwait was 64th and Italy and Nigeria tied as the worst destinations for expats in 2019.

While Kuwait is the country where expats find it hardest to settle in, Nigeria has the worst quality of life in the world.

Expats Living in Thailand Subject to a Dizzying Array of Immigration Regulations

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Meanwhile, Expats in Thailand are up in arms over the enforcement of reporting rules.

Expats living in Thailand have been subject to a dizzying array of Immigration regulations. The biggest complaints is over TM30 form.

The TM30 form must be submitted to Immigration by foreign residents or their Thai landlords. Every time they leave their residence for 24 hours (and when they return).

The forms must also be submitted alongside passports or ID cards, and either house registration books, land deeds or proof of sales.

Although the form can be completed online, many foreigners complain it takes weeks, or even months, to request a username and password.