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Hong Kong Model Abby Choi’s Murder: Who Was She?



Abby Choi

(CTN News) – Abby Choi, a socialite and model, was murdered, and Hong Kong police are investigating the case. Her remains were discovered on Friday (Feb. 24) in a rented three-story home in the Tai Po neighborhood of Lung Mei Tsuen.

Four persons have been detained and charged with her death: her ex-husband Alex Kwong, 28; his father, 65, his older brother, 31; and his mother, 63.

The ex-mother wives was accused of perverting the course of justice, while the three men were charged with murder.

A 47-year-old woman who is thought to be Choi’s ex-father-in-girlfriend law’s was also detained as a suspect.

Police stated on Saturday that they suspect there were “major financial conflicts” between the victim’s family and those of her ex-husband.

Superintendent Alan Chung said, “someone was not happy with how the victim handled her assets, which generated a reason to kill.”

According to a source cited by South China Morning Post, her ex-father-in-law, a former police sergeant who left the force in 2005, was the brains behind the murder scheme.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Choi was the daughter of an affluent family who operated a construction company in China and had a net worth of more than HK$100 million (S$17.2 million).

She was hailed as a “style star and media personality who took the globe by storm with her exquisite sense of style and her uninhibited enthusiasm for fashion” when she was featured on the cover of the fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine L’Officiel Monaco last month.

She “made a name for herself as one of the most sought-after influencers in the industry,” the magazine continued. It called her a “genuine trendsetter” and lauded her “sharp eye for style and her ability to mix and match things in surprising ways.”

The 28-year-old has also participated in Paris Fashion Week and has been published in magazines including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

In the L’Officiel interview, she claimed, “I am a person who constantly absorbs ideas and always tries different trends. I occasionally try to dress more extravagantly by blending and matching various outfits.

On her Instagram account, which today has more than 100,000 followers, she posted tidbits about her life. Photos and videos from this year’s Paris Fashion Week and pictures from magazine photo shoots, have been recently posted.


According to Bernard Cheng Hei-Chung, a friend of Choi’s, who works for The Standard, the English-language daily in Hong Kong, Choi had two children with her first husband when she was just 18 years old.

She was also quite close with her in-laws.

She began dating Tam Chuk-Kwan, the creator of the restaurant chain TamJai Yunnan Mixian after they divorced and had two children together.

According to South China Morning Post, a police inquiry revealed that she had not officially registered her marriage to Tam.

Even after their divorce, she reportedly supported her ex-family, husbands setting them up in a lavish apartment and assisting her ex-brother-in-law in purchasing a home.

She also hired her ex-brother-in-law to be her chauffeur; he said he picked her up to pick up her kid on the day she vanished.

According to a friend quoted in South China Morning Post, Choi never disparaged her former in-laws.

A friend of Choi’s who went by the name Mrs. Cheng said, “She took excellent care of everyone, even her husband’s relatives.

A property worth HK$70 million that Choi purchased under her ex-father-in-name law’s was also the subject of a police probe.

Her previous father-in-law battled with her despite assuring that she would relocate her ex-husband and his family somewhere.

Her former in-laws reportedly considered selling the Kadoorie Hill property as an investment, but they seemed furious when potential bidders showed up.


According to acquaintances contacted by The Standard, Choi also had a special spot for animals.

According to a friend, she founded the Hong Kong-based animal rescue organization Paomes Charity Organization.

She claimed that Choi was a kind individual who once helped a seriously hurt cat struck by a car and was already covered in flies.

The cat eventually lived like a miracle; the woman continued, “I thought we couldn’t save the cat, but Abby persisted so, and the cat survived.”

The organization also respected Choi on social media and thanked her for her gifts and contributions.

“You were a lovely and compassionate person who had always helped animals. Rest in peace, and your legacy will live on “It read.


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