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Over 40% of Republican Voters Would Back Donald Trump in 2024 GOP Primaries, Survey Shows



Over 40% of Republican Voters Would Back Donald Trump in 2024 GOP Primaries, Survey Shows

(CTN News) – More than 40% of respondents to a recent study said they would vote for former US President Donald Trump in the Republican Party’s presidential primaries in 2024. These primaries will help choose the party’s nominee for president of the United States in the upcoming election.

In a survey of Republican primary voters, a US media outlet revealed that Trump “tops the list with 43%” when participants were presented with a list of 15 announced and possible candidates for the 2024 candidature, as reported by Sputnik.

Over 40% of Republican voters would support Trump in GOP primaries, shows poll

Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, came in second with 28% of the vote, followed by Nikki Haley, former US ambassador to the UN, and Mike Pence, former vice president, who each earned 7%.

Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, and Liz Cheney, a Republican in the House, tied for last place with 2%. After Trump insulted the governor of Florida on his Truth Social website, this transpired.

A “Republican in Name Only,” or “RINO,” as Trump called Ron DeSantis, is a politician who is only nominally Republican. The governor’s “poll numbers are sinking like a rock,” he added.

The former president claimed, “Ron DeSanctimonious wants to cut your Social Security and Medicare, closed up Florida & its beaches, love RINOS Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and Karl Rove (disasters ALL! ), is backed by Globalist’s Club for NO Growth, Lincoln Pervert Project, and ‘Uninspired’ Koch — And it only gets worse from here.”

Trump’s attacks highlight divisions within GOP

Of note, Trump’s assaults on DeSantis have been made in the context of rumblings that DeSantis would run against Trump in the next primary, despite DeSantis’s lack of a formal announcement to do so.

Trump declared his candidature for president of the United States in the middle of November 2022. “I am launching my candidature for president of the United States to restore America’s greatness and glory,” he declared.

Not only has Trump declared his candidature, but Nikki Haley has also joined the race, declaring that “it’s time for a new generation of leadership” in the middle of February.

Throughout her campaign, Haley made several important policy proposals, including limiting the terms a member of Congress can serve; implementing obligatory mental fitness testing for US lawmakers over 75; increasing domestic energy output; and preventing conflicts.

A path of “doubt, separation, and self-destruction, a path of fading patriotism and waning strength,” she argued, is what the United States is currently following. Haley stated that she would not challenge Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

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