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Prayuth Disagrees with “Forced Conscription” of Students into Military



Prayuth Chan-ocha told the media that students shouldn't blacklisted and forcibly drafted into military service.

Prayuth Chan-ocha told the media that students shouldn’t blacklisted and forcibly drafted into military service.

BANGKOK – Thailand’s Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha has voiced his objection to a suggestion that brawling students be blacklisted and forcibly drafted into military service.

Gen. Prayut said that he also disagreed with the calls that rapists be subjected to execution, noting that Thailand must follow the international law and respect human rights.

Gen. Prayut explained that men who want to serve the country as soldiers must not be forced into the service against their will otherwise these men may desert if they are sent to the battle field, Thai PBS reported.

However his comments come into question since Thai law requires that all males to register when they became eighteen years of age however they not liable for compulsory service until they reached twenty-one.

Under the Military Service Act, young men conscripted are require to serve two years of active military duty.

Those exempted from conscription (draft) are young men that are, Buddhist monks, career teachers, cadets attending the military academies, students in certain technical courses, naturalized citizens, and persons convicted of a crime subject to a penalty of ten years’ imprisonment are not drafted.

Waivers are granted in cases of personal hardship, for example, when an individual was the sole support of parents or minor children. Students in the later stages of their education also found it easy to obtain deferment.

As for mandatory death penalty for rapists, he said that several countries had already done away with capital punishment and, in Thailand, even the use of Section 44 of the interim charter has failed to discourage hardcore criminals.

“There is no law which is harsher than Section 44,” the prime minister said as he urged people not to attach too much on the use of capital punishment to deal with criminal offenses.

Laws should be used in a constructive manner, said General Prayut as he urged the society and the media to condemn offenders of heinous crimes such as rape.


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