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Drunken Brit Impales Himself Climbing Over Iron Fence in Pattaya

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Drunken Brit Impales Himself Climbing Over Fence in Pattaya

A drunken British man impaled himself on a pointed iron fence at his residence in Chon Buri’s Bang La Bang area, sustaining a serious abdomen injury. Paramedics were called to Choke Chai Garden Home in Pattaya early Sunday morning.

When they arrived, they discovered the drunken Brit on the fence with one of the arrowheads penetrating his belly. The rescuers assisted him in getting over the fence railing, administered first aid, and transported him to the nearest hospital.

Paramedics reported that the man’s wound was between five and six inches deep.

According to local media accounts, the man attempted to open the door to his home but was too intoxicated to do so. He then apparently decided to climb over the fence but slid and impaled himself on its top.

Pad, a 50-year-old neighbor, said she heard someone complain and went outside to investigate. She discovered the man stranded on the fence, rushed to fetch a ladder to help him and called 119. She stated that the man had been residing at the house for months.

Brits Pattaya

Pattaya Home to a Large Expat Community

Pattaya is home to a thriving community of British expats who have discovered their bit of heaven in this frenetic city. Living as a British expat in Pattaya is a one-of-a-kind experience that mixes home comforts with the exhilaration of living in a strange country.

The language barrier is frequently one of the first obstacles foreigners face in Pattaya. Many locals may not be competent in English, complicating daily interactions and chores. Understanding and adapting to Thai customs, traditions, and social conventions can be a learning experience.

Despite the cultural divide, many Brits seek sanctuary in Pattaya’s hedonistic party culture, engaging in vices not found back home. Inhibitions disintegrate as wallets open wide, triggering a spiral of drunken debauchery that exemplifies the city’s notorious reputation.

Pattaya’s streets are filled with staggering, sunburned Brits stumbling from bar to bar. They are red-faced and noisy, drinking cheap lagers and flirting awkwardly with younger Thai ladies.

Pattaya provides an escape from reality, allowing these foreigners to let loose without fear of repercussions.

Indian man arrested for loan-sharking

Indian National Busted for Loansharking

In other developments, an Indian national who overstayed his visa for more than 5 years has been arrested in Bangkok for giving illegal loans with a 20% monthly interest rate. According to the Crime Suppression Division police, the 59-year-old man, known only as Veejay, rode a motorcycle and lent money to local vendors and locals in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Officers apprehended him on Saturday while collecting money from a debtor at a retail establishment. He was found with cash and a notebook containing names and phone numbers.

Mr Veejay was seized on charges of illegal money lending, operating a personal loan business without authorization, and exceeding loan interest rates. Thai legislation limits the annual interest rate on personal loans to 15%. He acknowledged lending money to the store owner where he was discovered, charging roughly 20% interest each month.

Mr. Veejay also overstayed his permission to visit Thailand for 2,076 days, 5 years and 7 months. The suspect stated that he arrived in Thailand in May 2018 on a tourist visa and received an initial extension until September 2018 but had not reapplied since.

The fine for overstaying a visa is 500 baht daily, with a maximum of 20,000 baht. He was led to the Pattaya police station for further investigation.

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