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An International Nursery Providing Children with a Head Start



For children entering a schoolroom situation for the very first time, the whole experience can seem frightening and confusing. This is where an international nursery can provide your child with a head start to ease the transition from home to school.

Children are suddenly faced with being in an unfamiliar environment on a daily basis and asked to participate in tasks that may pose challenges to them. There are also forced to deal with the fact that their parents may not be readily available to comfort them in times of stress and frustration.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

A high-quality international nursery can provide a smoother transition from a loosely structured home life to a structured school environment. It can also provide the support a child needs to adjust to this new routine in their life.

The role of the teacher is especially crucial to the child, making a successful transition to this new phase of their young lives. The teacher provides a direct link between the child’s home and school. They are also the first point of contact for the parents. They provide regular updates to the parents on the child’s progress and regularly consult with them on any educational or behavioral issues.

An international nursery should ideally operate with a high ratio of teachers to students, no less than one to three. This high ratio guarantees that the child receives the attention and support they need to feel safe and secure in their new environment.

This high ratio of teachers to students also is necessary to help the child’s development. This development is the primary goal of the nursery curriculum.

Developing Through Activities

The curriculum of a quality international nursery encourages the child’s development by having them participate in activities that explore the world around them. The curriculum will be designed to help develop their motor skills; their emotional and social development; and their cognitive and intellectual development as well.

The children will spend the day being read stories and playing with their classmates. Their pattern of play that they were used to at home will also become a part of their daily structure at school to ease their successful transition to a constructive school routine.

Language-rich Environment

In choosing an international nursery as the starting point for your child’s education. You are also providing them with a head start in learning the English language. An international nursery in Bangkok will have native-language teachers on hand. Above all make the child feel confident and ease any frustration they might feel in their efforts to communicate.

But these qualified teachers will also translate all the classroom communications into English. A first step in educating the student in a second language. Studies have shown the benefit of learning a second language as early as possible in a student’s life. Most of all to gain fluency in the language.

To give your child a head start in their academic career, consider enrolling them in an international nursery school programme.

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