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The Demographics of Video Gamers and Who’s Gaming

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Video games are an integral part of the lives of people. There are plenty of types and genres and all are accessible. You can play video games on all devices; on your tablet, phone, and TV. You may also play with your friends or alone and you can play online or offline. Again, if you want you can watch other people who play real-time.

Who plays video games?

While video games are associated with teens, this industry has expanded to other areas including diverse audiences, games that are targeted at children, interest groups, and older adults.

  • Younger people who are aged between 18 and 24 make purchases of video games such as prediksi togel compared to older individuals.
  • Men are likely to make video game purchases 3 times more than women.
  • People who make more income are more likely to make video game purchases compared to lower-income people.
  • Individuals who have associate degrees or high school diploma degrees are more likely to make video game purchases and dentists are least likely.
  • People who have graduated from their degree program are less likely to buy video games.

Video game demographics by age

The percentage of video game applicants who play video games decreases with age. The youngest applicants are aged 18-24 and they have the highest percentage of players. 16 percent of the applicants are under the age of 24 and 14 percent of the games are between 25 and 27 and between 28 and 30 age groups, there are only 12 percent video gamers.

Gamers education level

Applicants having high school diplomas are most likely to buy video games followed by video gamers with Bachelors and Associate Degrees. Applicants having advanced degrees have fewer chances to become gamers compared to those with short degrees. The applicants with advanced degrees such as Ph.D. are likely to become gamers and dentists were among the least likely people. The relation between a few video gamers and advanced degrees may be due to age. Applicants completing an MD are older who have completed 8 to 10 years of studies compared to students with an Associate or Bachelor’s degree.

Income of gamers

Applicants having advanced degrees have a higher income. Income might not make a huge difference in the purchase of video games, but there can be a small yet notable difference. The number of video game buyers is fairly consistent.

Women video gamers

Male gamers are three times more than female applicants and so females are less likely to buy video games. Moreover, women play video games more on apps or social media platforms.

In the present-day market scenario of video games, the applicants who make purchases of video games and play them are likely to have Associate or High School degrees and are younger and are male. The older applicants having advanced degrees along with female applicants are less likely to be video gamers. There are many untapped areas where video gamers have yet to make their mark. Still, video games are a part of people’s daily lives and people of all sexes and ages love to play these games.


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