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Prime Music vs Spotify: Finding Your Match



Prime Music vs Spotify: Finding Your Match

Rock, jazz, metal, or soul, whatever your taste is, you can listen to it in a matter of seconds. Music streaming services have changed the way people listen to songs and some of the top players responsible for this are Amazon Prime Music and Spotify.

Both are popular around the world and are feature-rich treasure troves of music, but they do have their differences. Pitting Prime Music vs Spotify is all about paying attention to the small details. So without further ado, let the comparison begin.

Integration with Other Devices

Amazon is also the maker of Echo smart speakers, so it’s not a surprise that this app works perfectly with them. Along with your iOS and Android devices, the app can also be run on Mac, Windows, and any recent browsers.

You are not going to have any issues while trying to fire up this service. Making things even easier is the integration of Alexa. So if you are driving, cooking, or doing anything that keeps your hands busy, all you have to do is say, “Alexa, play some Jazz music” and you’ll hear a saxophone play.

Similarly, Spotify is also a highly compatible streaming platform. Play your favorite songs across multiple devices and browsers with no extra steps. iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, no matter which device you have in your pocket or on your desk, Spotify can run on all of these just fine.

Political Podcasts


Content is the king. You might’ve heard it countless times and that’s because it’s true. Both of these mega companies know this and they try to get more and more great podcasts out in the world.

Amazon Music has over 15 million podcast episodes and has been one of the powers that make podcasts like SmartLess, Built to Thrive, and, MrBallen Podcast. There are millions of other great options available on the app and they include comedy, inspirational, drama, and more.

Spotify on the other hand has its fleet of around 5 million podcasts worth checking out. Some of its originals are – The Joe Rogan Experience, Armchair Expert, and The Bill Simmons Podcast. Even this service has tried to cover as many genres as possible to cater to a wider audience.

Additional Features

You see, both options have gotten their catalog right, over 100 million songs each. Both can be run on a great deal of devices, but now is where the real differences start to show up.

Amazon Music has some really unique features that make your listening experience more immersive. Its X-Ray mode gives you cool trivia about whatever song you are listening to. There are also special videos and interesting short clips about popular artists that keep you updated about their latest releases and inside stories. If you have created a fantastic playlist and think the world can vibe to it, you can easily share it with everyone.

You can even listen to the playlists created by others. There are always those playlists that the app provides you and it tends to work well. And of course, the headlining features like unlimited offline downloads, ad-free music, and unlimited skips are also included.

When it comes to Spotify, the app has its share of trump cards up its sleeve too. It treats its users with Daily Mix playlists that are curated with their AI magic which knows what you have heard in the past.

Call it spooky or smart, the feature works well. You can also explore other’s playlists, share your own, or explore the ones created by the app. The latter are made to suit all of your moods.

Just know that your listening experience will be impacted by ads. You won’t be able to use shuffle, rewind, or even seek the song. To get all of these and more, you’ll have to shell out for a premium subscription on Spotify.

prime music


Already made up your mind about which one to go with? Well, you might want to slow down a bit. This is yet another aspect where both the services are starkly different.

Amazon Music comes as a part of the Amazon Prime membership. It gives you total access to everything on Amazon Music, but also Prime Video, which lets you stream some of the most entertaining movies and TV shows. Of course, you get Amazon Prime, where you can order anything and everything from the Amazon online store with fast and free shipping.

Pricing: ₹299/month, ₹599/3 months, and ₹1499/year for the Prime membership

Spotify Premium lets you use their service free from any ads and gives you all the necessary features like shuffle, offline downloads, and so on.

Pricing: ₹119/month

Summing up Prime Music vs Spotify

In the Spotify vs Amazon Music debate, the biggest differentiating factors will always be features and prices. Some of you may like the ones offered by Amazon Music, while others might lean towards Spotify.

So it’s difficult to rate one better than the other. Some of you might think Spotify costs less, so subscribing to it makes sense, but others might see the true value of an Amazon Prime subscription. It does provide you access to three feature-rich services. You have everything you need to make the right decision. So, which one are you going to pick?

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