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5 Functional Benefits of Creating a Hay Shed

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5 Functional Benefits of Creating a Hay Shed

Any Australian farmer will agree that it can often be difficult to safeguard hay storage from harsh elements. If adequate storage isn’t created, the financial loss as a result of ruined hay can be astronomical.

Many farmers are using hay sheds to store hay bales and even as animal shelters. Investing in a quality hay shed will not only increase your preparedness against harsh weather, but will also give you an additional space to store just about anything.

Understanding What a Hay Shed is

As the name suggests, a hay shed is a structure that enables you to store your hay and other types of animal feed. Hay sheds are an invaluable part of any farm or agricultural business because these structures have a wide range of uses.

While it’s up to you to decide on the shape, design, and size of your hay structure, the most common style used locally is the Australian barn-style hay shed. This is because they have a simple design made with minimal (but still durable) materials.

There are typically four types of layouts to consider:

  • Three-sided shed design
  • Roof-only hay shed (similar to a carport, but could still expose hay to moisture)
  • Open front hay shed (front side open to make moving hay and other items in and out much easier)
  • Hybrid hay shed design (based on your needs and preferred design style)

The design you choose will depend on your farm’s unique storage requirements. With a hay shed there’s always the option to expand or close an open shed by adding doors if your use for the space changes.

Hay Sheds Have Numerous Benefits

If you live or work on a farm, we’re almost sure we don’t have to tell you that having a hay shed has many benefits. However, if you’re not sure if your needs warrant a shed to be installed, this list of advantages from our experts will emphasise why it’s an important addition.

Offers Protection From the Elements

The Australian elements are nothing to be joked about and no one knows this better than a farmer. Leaving your hay outdoors is a huge risk as rain causes it to develop mould or even rot.

On the other hand, continuous exposure to the sun can make the hay bales a risk for combustion. Placing the hay bales in a shed with adequate ventilation keeps them safe, dry and organised.

Has Numerous Storage Uses

A huge benefit of a hay shed is that it’s simple, open-bay design makes it easy to use as storage for other items. Keep in mind that the design you opt for will determine the amount of storage space you’re creating.

For the most part, you can choose between the following to cover your storage needs:

  • Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS)
  • Universal Beam (UB)
  • Open Web Truss

With the absence of doors, walls and pillars means you can manoeuvre your machinery around in there, park vehicles, or store smaller equipment. In an emergency, you can secure a side of the shed a use it as a space to keep animals.

Quality Material Ensure Durability

Your shed shouldn’t only be able to safeguard your hay bales and possibly animals from the elements but should be able to withstand its own battering from the weather. Fortunately, hay sheds are designed to last.

Made from top-quality, galvanized RHS steel, your hay shed will be durable enough to last a lifetime of harsh weather. The universal and RHS beams used are compliant with all of Australia’s stringent standards. With a category 2 wind rating, your shed has been designed to withstand the worst the Australian climate can throw a it.

Installation is Cost-Efficient

Unlike installing a brick or timber structure, hay sheds are remarkably cost-effective. Installation requires fewer materials which also means less labour costs. If you’re on a budget, it’s always a good idea to start with a smaller, basic structure. Additions can always be added on as it becomes practical to do so.

Can Easily be Customized

Hay sheds can be customized to suit your specific storage needs. Keep in mind that additional features can be added or removed as your needs change. In addition to the design, height, and width, you can add the following specific features:

  • Roof ventilation
  • Personal Access doors
  • Fiberglass skylights
  • Sliding doors
  • Roller doors (manual and motorised)
  • Glass sliding doors
  • Windows
  • Concrete flooring
  • Insulation
  • COLOURBOND cladding (paint colour of your choice)
  • Multiple footing options such as natural floor, concrete flooring or a combination of both

Final Thoughts

With the benefits associated with one (or even several) hay sheds, it’s clear that your farm will benefit from installing one before the weather changes. While it may seem like a significant capital output initially, your farm will benefit from its many uses in the long run. Adding a hay shed is not only functional, but also an excellent way to protect your hay and animals.

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