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7 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances to Add to Your Commercial Kitchen

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7 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances to Add to Your Commercial Kitchen

Running a successful commercial kitchen is about more than just a love for cooking, baking, and creating the perfect dishes. In addition to having the right team, a perfect location, and grandma’s secret recipes, you also need the best equipment your budget allows.

Established commercial or industrial kitchen owners know that having a competitive edge involves having top-of-the-line equipment such as ovens, blast chillers, and even food processors.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Whether you’re opening a simple corner café, a bakery or a fully-fledged commercial kitchen, your business will benefit from having the right appliances. This is especially the case if those appliances make creating superior quality dishes so much easier. If your budget doesn’t allow for your business to start with all your dream appliances, you may need a list of where to start.

A Quality Blast Chiller Makes All the Difference

Blast chillers differ from regular freezers in that they cool the air around the item rather than freeze it. This means that you can keep drinks, desserts, veggies and even fruit as cool as you need without having to worry about sogginess and freezer burn.

Investing in a blast chiller means that you can prepare your desserts and salads a few hours before having to serve them, rather than the night before. Not only does this reduce the rush around prep time, but it means you always have cold food or drinks when you need them.

Convection Ovens are the Best Way to Create Consistent Meals

It doesn’t matter whether you’re cooking pies or three-course meals, you’ll want to serve your guests foods that are evenly cooked. You’ll also want your dishes to be consistent. The best way to do this is by investing in a convection oven.

Not only will you be preparing meals faster, but your convection oven will reduce the need for regular turning or stirring. Since convection ovens are ideal for just about any type of cooking, your chef can easily roast or bake anything from casseroles to specialized cakes.

Deep Fryers are the Ideal Way to Speed Up Fast Food

If you’re serving fast food, chances are there’s a considerable amount of frying going on in your kitchen. With that said, it’s a good idea to invest in a few deep fryers to speed up the way your chef prepares chips, fish and burgers.

Plate Warmers Keep Food Warm Between Cooking and Serving

Plate warmers are ideal for keeping meals at the right temperature while they’re getting ready to be served. It may even be a good idea to invest in a few that can be used at various serving stations in the kitchen. You can even opt for different-sized warmers simplify the heating process.

Make Washing Up Simpler With a Dishwasher

Ever heard the expression, Everyone likes to cook, but no one likes to wash up? Well, it’s doubly true in a commercial kitchen where dishes are constantly needed for the next food service.

If your kitchen serves food all day, or you are quite busy during peak times, then you can’t afford to have dishes piling up. Using a dishwasher will ensure that your team always has dishes and utensils available to serve meals.

It will also enable you to save a large amount of water as dishwashers generally utilize less water than manual washing. Freeing up the space in your sinks ensures that your team can easily reach a tap if they need to rinse produce. A huge plus point here is that you can invest in an under-counter dishwasher if your kitchen has limited space for free-standing appliances.

Benchtop Mixers Make it Easy to Whip up a Batch of Anything

You don’t need to be baking cakes to have a quality benchtop mixer on hand. Think of all the sauces, salad dressings and soups that will be so much easier to mix if it’s done with a benchtop mixer.

Not only will it speed up the process, but it will also create the right consistency for each mixture. Depending on your menu and counter space, it may be a good idea to include a few quality blenders that can be used to whip up your breakfast smoothies.

Ice Makers are a Must for Any Kitchen

Ice makers are one of those appliances that you wish you had when a guest suddenly asks for a few ice cubes for their tea. Since you don’t want to be that place that doesn’t have ice available, it’s a good idea to invest in an ice maker.

Final Thoughts

The hospitality industry is one of the most competitive in the world and it’s a constant rush to have your kitchen provide the best food in the fastest way possible. With that in mind, you should always strive to give your business its superior edge.

Do this by using the best and most updated tools and appliances to provide consistent, quality foods and drinks. Superior kitchen products provide the best way to take your passion for cooking to the next level!

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