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6 Expert Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Window Coverings in 2024

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6 Expert Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Window Coverings in 2024

One of the simplest ways to upgrade your home is to change the type of window coverings you have. While many homes still boast traditional curtains, these heavy draperies are fast being replaced by more modern, streamlined options.

It’s with this in mind that many Australians are opting for the blinds Dandenong locals are adding to their residential and commercial spaces. Since there are a wide variety of modern blinds on the market, it’s easier than ever to find the type that best suits the style of your home.

Out With the Boring, in With the Modern

Window blinds have become a popular aspect of modern décor. Whether you’re looking to add blinds to your residential or office space, their functionality stretches beyond simple aesthetics. Here’s a look at a few of the top benefits that make choosing blinds a worthy option.

Variety of Styles to Choose From

Blinds have certainly changed in the last few years. Gone are those boring beige contraptions that people were afraid to open or close because the strings would make a huge, tangled mess. Instead, modern blinds are sleek, streamlined and can even be motorised.

The two most significant types of blinds that you can consider for your space are:

  • Roman blinds: Made of fabric, these blinds gradually fold up into a concertina style as they open. They are also often positioned over a recess because they need a bit of space when they’re open. These types of blinds are ideal for smaller windows.
  • Roller blinds: As the name suggests, roller blinds unroll to cover your window. As a single sheet of fabric, this blind is wrapped around a casing that’s installed across the top of your window.

In addition to these three variations, blinds can also be customised to fit just about any size window. With powder-coating options, you can also select colours and textures to suit your existing interior décor.


Australia is well known for its incredibly hot temperatures which leads to homeowners having to spend thousands of dollars on air conditioning every year. Since blinds can instantly cool down a room’s temperature, they reduce the cost of air conditioning.

Additionally, since blinds are made from light breezy fabrics, your space will get more natural light, even when the blinds are closed. This means you’ll save on artificial lighting as well. Unlike with heavy, lined curtains, your space won’t become dark as soon as you close the blinds.

Reduces the Sun’s Glare

We all enjoy a bit of sunlight shining into our living and working spaces. However, too much bright sunlight can cause intense reflection which is unhealthy for vision and can lead to headaches. The glare in your space can be aggravated if you’re working on a computer screen all day. Installing blinds will help you avoid too much glare as you can close them halfway to get sunlight without the glare.

Adds More Space to Your Room

Big, bulky curtains take up a lot of space. Especially at the ends of the rails where they rest when they’re open. While this may not seem like such a big deal in a larger room, it can make a significant difference in a smaller space. Streamline your décor by removing the bulky curtains. Blinds fit snuggly over your window ensuring that there’s no excess fabric in the way.

Easy to Clean

Anyone who has ever climbed up and down a ladder to hang meters of large, bulky curtains will know that it’s quite a job. Especially in homes with large or many windows. Due to the dust that gathers on your curtains, taking them off to wash needs to happen quite often.

Fortunately, you won’t have this problem with blinds. They can easily be cleaned by dusting and if necessary, wiping down with a damp wet cloth. There’s no need for harsh chemicals, scrubbing, and ironing. More importantly, blinds are dusted and cleaned on the rail which means there’s no need to take them down to wash. Any hard dirt or debris can be spot-cleaned with mild soap.

Automated Options

You can also opt for motorised blinds which will make it possible to control your blinds with a remote control rather than having to deal with cords, strings and wires. Not only can you operate your blinds from anywhere in the room, but you can also add timers and pre-set schedules. This is a wonderful option to add if you want your blinds to close at a certain time of the day to lock in the sun’s warmth for the evening.

Final Thoughts

Blinds not only add a modern aesthetic to your home or office, but they’re also practical. Ditch the heavy, dust-collecting curtains for thinner, streamlined blinds that are easy to clean, don’t take up too much space and also increase the amount of natural light in your space. Add an extra touch of convenience by opting to motorise blinds. With so many benefits, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t installed blinds sooner.

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