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Top 10 Tips on How to Grow Your Hair with the Right Diet



Top 10 Tips on How to Grow Your Hair with the Right Diet

We all want silky and healthy hair, but these days our busiest schedule won’t allow us to pay attention to our skin and hair health. This blog will help you a lot in getting back your hair because here we are going to share what is essential for this in the right diet?

Healthy hair always looks good, and we shouldn’t ignore this fact. Many products like shampoos and conditioners are available in the market, but we can’t overlook the fact of the right diet routine. Also adding a catalase supplement to your diet can improve your hair health and prevent it from turning grey prematurely.

Make sure your people are following us to know what to take and what shouldn’t. Take a look, and do let us know have you included this in your diet or not?


We all are aware of how much fish is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids to strengthen your hair. Never skip this in your diet. Take salmon, tuna, and other fish varieties to give a natural source of oil to body and scalp health. It is one of the best things in the diet to make your hair healthy and strong.

Nuts and seeds

It’s pretty difficult for vegetarians to get healthy omega 3 fats, but almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds are the best sources. Do you know walnuts are the best source of vitamin E and biotin? It provides a hair shield from sun exposure. It also protects from hair damage and hair fall. Walnuts are a rich source of biotin that prevent hair loss as well. People facing hair fall issues should have added nuts and seeds in their diet to make it more shiny and glossy.

Green veggies

People with leafy green veggies are best for hair health to retain. If you people haven’t included this yet, don’t waste time because this is beneficial for hair health. Green veggies are rich in iron, and we all know iron prevents hair roughness and breakage. Make sure you people are adding green veggies to the diet for healthy hair growth.


Are you taking full protein in breakfast? If yes then eggs would be the most essential part. Eggs are a rich source of major elements such as zinc, Sulphur and iron. These nutrients are best for hair health because a deficiency of these elements makes your scalp dry and flaky. Don’t forget to skip this from your diet.


Carrots do wonder for hair health, and it’s magic as well. Carrots have beta-carotene that transforms vitamin A into the body. Your body can’t function properly without vitamin A. Lack of vitamin A in food makes your scalp dry with itchiness. You can go for other veggies and fruits for vitamin intake, such as sweet potatoes, yam, mangoes and apricots.


Yogurt is best for the hair health and treats almost all type of hair issues. Rich in vitamin B5 and calcium to take care of hair health. It helps a lot to improve hair follicles and when yogurt mixture is applied externally it makes hair healthy and glossy. This is one of the best diets, so make sure you people have added this to your routine for seeing visible results.


All types of berries are suitable because these are rich in vitamin c source, and it helps in blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles that allow your hair growth. Make sure you have added blueberries, strawberries and raspberries to your diet. Tomatoes work for the same thing and if you people are not used to love berries, then take tomatoes in the diet for salads.


Prunes are a rich source of iron and good to have in the diet to reduce dry hair health and keep you safe from thinning hair and discolouration. These are best for improving hair quality and provide other benefits as well.


For hair growth shrimps are good because they have high calories content. It is an excellent and rich source of proteins. Shrimps contain a good quantity of vitamin B12, iron and zinc to prevent hair breakage. You can ask about this from a nutritionist. They may suggest you the best way to intake. People who are looking for a high intake of proteins should contain this without any doubt.

What is the worst diet intake for hair health?

We always pay attention to hair health’s right intake, but we forget what to eat and avoid. Worst diet intake damages hair health and causes hair fall. Never take these things in the diet.

Excessive sugar

You all need to know how much this is bad for the body and hair health. Excessive sugar damages hair health, as well. Protein is essential for hair health, but sugar is the main hurdle for the absorption of it. Avoid adding sugar and bakery items that contain heavy amounts of sugar because this will make hair health worse.


People who are taking excessive alcohol intake are doing wrong to themselves because it slows down the levels of zinc in the whole body. Zinc is an essential nutrient for healthy hair and growth. Alcohol and other drug addiction dehydrated you and made hair more brittle. It would help if you quit this. People on the journey of sobriety drug abuse need to pay attention to zinc intake in their diet; otherwise, you would have massive hair falls and other hair-related issues.


You might have heard fish has excellent omega-3 fatty acids, but swordfish has a higher mercury source than other seafood. This is the bigger fish in nature with the highest level of mercury so avoid taking this.

Processed food

We all know how much-processed foods are dangerous for health, and similar, it causes hair to fall. Make sure you people are not taking these regularly. Try to avoid as much as you can and include a fresh meal in your diet.

These are some options for the right diet, and everyone should include these options in their diet. Get the help of a nutritionist to plan a healthy diet for you. Avoid all these things mentioned here in this blog because it plays a vital role in damaging hair health.


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