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How Can Yoga and Meditation Change Your Brain?

Owing to the power of yoga and meditation in changing the way our brain functions, all of us must start practicing every day.




Yoga and meditation has been trending and there is a very good reason behind it. We are sure you must have heard one of your friends talk about the large benefits of everyday yoga and meditation practice. Both these practices are one of the best ways to reduce the stress levels significantly.

According to yoga teacher training India the manner in which yoga and meditation change the entire structure of our brain works is something to take note of.

In case you have never given this a thought then it is high time that you start with the yoga practice as soon as possible and let it improve your life. Courses like yoga teacher training India and meditation retreats can bring about some incredible changes for the overall system. It can be one of the proven ways for removing stress, calming the mind, improving focus and even increasing the self esteem.

It can seem a little intriguing when you first think about it. How are yoga and meditation related to changing the composition of the brain? Let’s get into this in detail and understand it with complete focus.


A study claims that in addition to changing the brain for handling the present, practices like yoga and meditation bring about long term benefits. This is one of the most important things that can happen to a person. Since many things change the way in which our brain works, we begin to see positive situation in our life.

This affect is maintained for years and does not diminish anytime soon. In case you practice meditation regularly then you attention mechanisms are going to be much more effective and you will have much enhanced memory.


All human beings feel anxious at some point or another in their lives. It is how we react to the potential threats that have the ability to weigh heavily on us. In case you have a chronic anxiety problem then yoga and meditation are going to be nothing less than magic for you. As much as ten minutes of meditation a day can shift the way in which brain works entirely.

The structure of the brain shifts in a way that anxiety reduces significantly. This works because the brain begins to learn the art of concentrating more and more and that is a great way to bust anxiety. Daily practice of yoga and meditation prevent the mind to wander unnecessarily and shift the focus from within to the present moment. Meditation calms all the neural impulses that light up right when anxiety starts to kick in and this is how the brain reaches a state which reduces the level of anxiety.


It is true that our mind processing speed and ability can change based on what we are doing. A recent report from Norway found that during meditation, the mind’s handling speed really increments, as opposed to reducing. This may appear to be strange; clearing the psyche should, consistently, cause things to back off, isn’t that so?

During reflection, the piece of the mind where we process considerations and emotions was more dynamic than when individuals were simply gazing into the distance. This may make pondering individuals progressively ready to deal with their own emotions regardless of whether they’re not intentionally accomplishing more work.


The direct link between meditation and the pain is a profound one. Many types of meditation are thought to give resistance to extreme temperatures. As little as ten minutes of meditation can increase the pain threshold. Yoga and meditation increase the resistance and tolerance level of a person by altering the pain signalling of the brain. This leads to a decreased brain activity in the areas of the brain that are responsible for registering pain. Any time when you are about to go through something painful, try doing yoga and meditation to see what we mean by this.


One of the most significant ways in which we assess neural complexity in with the folds of the brain. These include the coils and twists of the brain tissue. Based on a study, it was found that people who practice yoga and meditation regularly are capable of changing their brain tissue so much that it folds more. This leads to processing more information quickly as compared to the people who do not meditate. The people who meditate more have more folds in their cortex, specifically in the bits that are related to memory and attention. Being able to concentrate for long periods shifts the brain structure to a great extent.


The brain is made up of two kinds of matter; gray matter that makes up the neural cells and the white matter which connects these cells. Based on a study, people who meditate for long hours have an increased gray matter which signifies that are literally growing their brain through the practice of intense concentration. Gray matter is not responsible for making a person smarter or capable of solving more problems. However, it is an interesting reflection of how we can use our brains and how practices like yoga and meditation can change our emotional processing.


Owing to the power of yoga and meditation in changing the way our brain functions, all of us must start practicing every day. Joining courses like yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or going on meditation retreats can be a life changing decision. You will be experience this change the best once you start practicing on a regular basis.


Author Bio:- Devakar Sandhu is an avid yoga enthusiast and a great entrepreneur. He is the founder of Tapovan Yoga Peeth which is a yoga teacher training school located in Rishikesh, India. He aims to teach yoga in the most elaborate and professional form. Certified, skilled and highly experienced teacher impart the teachings of yoga both practically and theoretically in the yoga school. Devakar loves travelling and yoga. His dream is to provide world class practical yoga knowledge while promoting a lifestyle full of wellness, health and positivity via his website and other social media platforms.





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