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Heart Abnormalities In Neonates Are Corrected By Novel Tissue Developments.



Heart Abnormalities In Neonates Are Corrected By Novel Tissue Developments.

(CTN News) – The study’s senior author, Jeffrey Jacot, stated that the ultimate objective is to develop lab-grown heart tissue using a patient’s own cells.

This tissue can then be utilized to reconstruct the heart and rectify any existing defects. In order to achieve this, permanent solutions necessitate the use of biomaterials that are both degradable and capable of promoting heart regeneration.

This way, the patches will eventually be replaced by healthy myocardium, which is the middle muscular layer of the heart and the thickest.

The speaker stressed the importance of timely patch replacement to prevent long-term complications. They explained that if patches are not replaced, they will deteriorate over time, leading to failure.

This failure can result in loss of functionality, decreased structural integrity, or secondary health issues. The speaker also highlighted the underlying mechanisms of patch degradation, including wear and tear and external factors.

They warned that patch failure can affect surrounding tissues and organs, potentially impacting overall health. In conclusion, the speaker emphasized the need for proactive measures to replace patches with healthy tissue and maintain overall health.

At the University of Harvard and Colorado, researchers have utilized laboratory-engineered tissue to develop a biodegradable patch that has the potential to rectify congenital defects in infants.

This innovative patch is a full-thickness solution that could reduce the need for invasive surgeries and surpass the longevity of current patches.

According to the study, the current patch materials used by pediatric heart surgeons are non-living and non-degradable, leading to low compliance, an elevated risk of thrombosis and intimal hyperplasia, and an inability to integrate with the heart over time.


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