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Tiger Mosquitoes Cannot Spread If The Following Things Are Done:

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A female Asian tiger mosquito.

(CTN News) – In an effort to prevent the spread of the Asian tiger Mosquitoes, the Dutch food and safety organization NVWA has issued a call to action to both local authorities and residents, urging them to do everything they can to stop the spreading of the mosquito.

This particular call to action is being issued in order to get ready for the Mosquitoes season that will start this year.

For the purpose of determining whether or not any eggs were left behind, the National Vector Control Agency (NVWA) is going back to the areas where the Mosquitoes was detected the year before in order to conduct the investigation. “They can survive just about anything,”

According to the spokesperson, Arjan Stroo, who shared this information with the broadcaster Nos, the plants are resistant to drought, frost, and pesticides. This information was shared with the broadcaster.

The mosquito was discovered in 37 separate sites throughout the course of the preceding year, with 22 of those locations falling within the category of urban areas themselves.

It is common knowledge that tiger mosquitoes are the vectors for the transmission of tropical diseases like dengue, which, if left untreated, can result in death. The Netherlands has not yet reported any cases of dengue fever that have been confirmed to have occurred.

The professional workers who are employed by the Nevada Wildlife and Conservation Authority (NVWA) have a particular emphasis on the removal of small water-filled containers that may contain chrysalises and larvae.

Additionally, depending on the specifics of the situation, they can potentially turn to the usage of insecticides.

Additionally, the organization has reached out to 36,266 houses in order to offer them with information regarding tiger mosquitoes. It has also offered them information regarding ways in which they may participate in avoiding the spread of the pest by removing potential breeding grounds.

This information has been provided to families to protect them from Mosquitoes spread.

In spite of the fact that it is smaller than the normal mosquito, the tiger mosquito may be clearly recognized by the white stripe that runs along its back and the white stripes that run along its hind legs. Both of these stripes are white in color.

It is reported to have made its debut in the Netherlands in the year 2005, and it was carried to this country in bamboos and tires that had been recycled.

During their vacations in Italy or France, visitors are bringing them back in their automobiles, according to Stroo. Both of these countries are home to the tiger mosquito, which is also found in Italy.

Furthermore, as a consequence of this, the quantity of tiger mosquitoes has dramatically increased over the course of the previous several years.

In an effort to combat the tiger Mosquitoes, which is especially harmful in urban areas, the Nevada Wildlife and Water Authority (NVWA) has made a request for assistance from the local authorities.

This is because the NVWA has used all its own resources, which is the reason for this situation.

Despite the fact that the larvae and chrysalises of the tiger mosquito have been successfully destroyed in the immediate region, Stroo claims that the species will continue to exist in the area.


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