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Check For Lung Cancer In Supermarkets And Bingo Halls



Check For Lung Cancer In Supermarkets And Bingo Halls

(CTN News) – Former and current smokers have been invited to take part in lung cancer screenings at local hubs, such as supermarkets, asda stores, and bingo halls across the country.

There are plans to expand the NHS’s lung cancer screening programme and invite everyone who smokes between the ages of 55 and 74 to participate.

Among the first million people to be invited, the majority live in areas where lung cancer is the leading cause of death due to the high Lung Cancer death rates associated with the disease.

On top of that, there are places to be found on the south coast such as Kent, Brighton, and Portsmouth, as well as Newcastle, Stoke, Rotherham and East London.

In the past two weeks, 2,400 people have had their lung cancer detected early by taking one of the 10-minute tests that are now being offered in supermarkets, football stadiums and town centers across the country.

The NHS clinical director for cancer, Prof Peter Johnson, said that this was the latest in a series of measures taken by the NHS to catch cancer at an early stage.

According to Michelle Mitchell, chief executive at Lung Cancer  Research UK, the lung health checks are a “life-saving offer” for patients.

By March 2025, the NHS aims to reach 40% of the eligible smokers by the end of the year, and the remainder by March 2030, as part of plans to roll out the programme nationwide.

A total of 35,000 people die of lung cancer each year in the United Kingdom, and cancer is believed to be responsible for 72 per cent of the cases.

When the Lung Cancer is detected early, in stage one or two, before it grows or spreads, the likelihood of survival increases almost twentyfold.

A patient who has been identified as being at risk due to smoking will be invited for Lung Cancer screening every two years if it is determined that they are at risk.

As a result of the targeted checks, thousands of people have also been able to diagnose other respiratory conditions and receive appropriate treatment for them.

If something in your body does not feel right, make sure to speak to your  doctor. If you receive an invitation from your general practitioner for a targeted lung health check, make sure to attend.


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