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Dennis Rader BTK Killer Documentary, I’M A GOOD PERSON WHO DID SOME BAD THINGS …



Dennis Rader BTK Killer

Dennis Rader BTK Killer has an interesting take on himself – he’s a monster as well as a kind person.

During a new, Dick Wolf documentary on A&E — “BTK: Confession of a Serial Killer” — Rader discusses his murder spree and the motivation behind it with a psychologist.

BTK is short for bind, torture, kill, and the self-proclaimed BTK killer describes himself as neither a monster nor a kind individual.

The fact that Rader, a church leader, pled guilty in 2005 to killing 10 people to satisfy his sexual fantasies is well known, which lasted from 1974 to 1991.

Dennis Rader BTK Killer

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Rader spent a decade interacting with Dr. Katherine Ramsland, a psychologist. In the maximum-security prison where Rader will remain for the rest of his life, they corresponded, spoke by phone, and sometimes in person.

According to Ramsland, Dennis Rader BTK Killer’s story contradicts the public perception of serial killers … He was a family man. He volunteered in his church. He was part of his community. He had a job. So we should be careful about the stereotype we form about these types of criminals.”

She added on to say, “There was no particular reason in Dennis Rader BTK Killer‘ case. There was no trauma. He was an all-American boy, the oldest of four children, who played on his farm. So where did it all come from?

Dennis Rader BTK Killer


When he was captured, Rader viewed himself as a victim, according to the psychologist.

Rader processed his acts this way, according to her… His “Factor X” is how he distances himself from criminal responsibility. For the most part, he does not view himself as a monster. To be sure, he certainly was a monster when he selected a victim and carried out his crimes. But he does not consider himself to be a monster.

Source: USNIB

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