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Belgian Woman Found after Drifting for 5 Hours off Coast of Koh Samui




A doctor at Koh Samui Hospital checks over Brigit Haeceman, 26, following her lost-at-sea ordeal. – Photo Marine Police Division



KOH SAMUI –  26 year old Belgian Brigit Haeceman was pulled from the sea near Koh Samui where she drifted more than five hours after losing her kayak.

Brigit Haeceman,  was found bobbing in high seas between Koh Samui and Koh Phangan in Surat Thani province around 6.40pm by Thai Authorities.

Captain Nanthapong Khacha-art, 41, said she was shouting and waving her arms for help the Bangkok Post Reported.

Shivering and exhausted in her swimsuit, Ms Brigit Haeceman was given dry clothes, a hot drink and bread, said Captain Nanthapong Khacha-art.

An ambulance from Koh Samui Hospital was waiting to take her for a checkup at Na Thon pier in Koh Samui district at 9pm last night.

Pol Lt Col Thanakorn Pattananankaew, a tourist police inspector on Koh Samui, said Ms.Brigit Haeceman had come to the island with her Belgian engineer boyfriend.

They had attended the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan the night before, but got into an argument after a swim Thursday morning.

Ms Haeceman’s boyfriend then left for Europe and she rented a kayak. During her trip, she jumped out of the boat for a swim. But the strong current swept away the kayak and she couldn’t recover it. She drifted from about 1pm onward.

Her rescue involved more than a bit of luck. Mr Nanthapong said his vessel had been going the opposite direction, but turned around due to the choppy conditions. Only then did his crew spot the stranded vet.

Doctors at Samui Hospital, said she suffered sunburn and exhaustion.


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