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Biden Welcomes COVID-19 Vaccines For Under 5 Kids, Says It’ll Give Parents Peace Of Mind

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(CTN News) – Joe Biden called the announcement by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to recommend the first COVID 19 vaccines for children under five years old a “major step forward in the nation’s fight against the virus”.

The FDA approved two vaccines on Friday for young children and toddlers. Pfizer/BioNTech’s vaccines are for children aged six months to four years, while Moderna’s vaccines are for children aged six months to 17 years old.

Biden said that the decision was a day of relief and celebration for parents across the country. His administration has been securing critical vaccine doses for months and preparing for the event.

We are ready to expand on the success of our vaccination program that has resulted in over 220 million Americans being fully vaccinated, more than 100 million Americans receiving booster vaccines, and more than 2 million American lives being saved.

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‘Parents will now be able start booking appointments 

The US was the first country to provide vaccines for teenagers. Biden announced Friday that parents will be able to schedule appointments at places like pediatricians’ offices, children’s hospitals, and pharmacies. As more doses are shipped out, appointments will ramp up, and in the coming weeks, every parent can get a vaccine.

“Vaccines.gov will be live next week, as the vaccination program ramps up,” the POTUS said.

Moreover, he praised the drug manufacturers, asserting that the recommended COVID-19 vaccines are “safe and highly effective” and will provide parents with peace of mind that their children will be protected against the worst outcomes of COVID-19.
In Biden’s words, “If you are a parent who wants to protect your child, I urge you to speak with their pediatrician and make a plan to get them vaccinated as soon as the vaccine becomes available to you.” Approximately 18 million children will be eligible for the vaccine.
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