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Covid Alert goes from ‘Medium’ to ‘High’ in “New York” Due to a Rise in Infections

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New York City’s COVID-19 alert level has been raised from “medium” to “high” as infections continue to increase. As of early May, the city’s COVID-19 alert level had been raised from “low” to “medium”.

ANI reported that “New York City has transitioned to a high level of COVID alert, which means it is time to make choices that will prevent our friends, neighbours, relatives and colleagues from becoming sick,” said Dr Ashwin Vasan, the city’s health commissioner.

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The New York City government has raised the Covid alert level to ‘high’. What does it mean?

According to the rating, there is a considerable pressure on the health care system in the city as a result of a high COVID-19 community spread.

It is recommended that New Yorkers wear a face mask when in public indoor settings and when in crowded outdoor settings, and that they avoid activities that are more dangerous.

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