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Cold Weather Brings Tourism to Chiang Rai Province



Tourists Flock to Northern Thailands Mountains to Experience the Cold Weather in Chiang Rai


CHIANG RAI – The cold weather in the North and Northeast is having varying effects on inhabitants in the two regions, with the tourism scene in Chiang Rai clearly benefiting from the cold weather; meanwhile, people living in the mountains in several provinces have to combat the low temperature through various means.

Teachers have decided to arrange physical exercises for students at Ban Khun Nam Khap in Chattrakan district, Phitsanulok to keep them warm in the mornings. Most of the students are hilltribes children who have inadequate winter gear despite living high up in the mountains. Officials said there were more districts at risk of ‘cold disasters’ in Phitsanulok this year than in the past.

hilltribes children who have inadequate winter gear despite living high up in the mountains

In Amnat Charoen province, authorities said they would declare 7 districts as cold-hit areas after the mercury dropped rapidly, afflicting numerous locals with respiratory illnesses.

Some parts of Thailand are experiencing colder weather than they did the previous year. The low temperature is affecting not only the human inhabitants in Nakhon Sawan, but also the monkeys at Kriang Krai Klang Temple. The cold-struck monkeys have been seen bathing in the sun during the day, and staying near the fires set for them by monks in the temple at night.

In Chiang Rai City, municipal workers have re-decorated parts of the city with flowers usually found in colder countries, such as tulips and lilies. The flowery scene downtown is scheduled to last until January 20. Visitors to the province can also experience the Music in the Park festival until then.

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has set up special centers to help people affected by cold snaps nationwide.

Director-General of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Chatchai Phromlert said the department was working with all sectors to proactively assist the people based on their needs. Winter clothes and blankets were being handed out to them, the official said.

Sitting by a Fire trying to keep warm in Mountain areas of Chiangrai

The department encourages people to contact its provincial offices or the special centers for help. They can also conveniently contact the department’s hotline 1784, which operates around the clock.

Amnat Charoen Province is set to declare its 7 districts cold spell disaster zones after the temperature has dropped to 15-16 degree Celsius.

The temperature in Amnat Charoen has dropped to 15-16 degrees Celsius, causing a number of locals to come down with respiratory diseases. To make matters worse, a lot of people living in the countryside are poor and in need of winter clothing and blankets. The provincial governor is, therefore, seeking a budget for the purchase of blankets for those people. The governor is also keen on declaring 7 districts of Amnat Charoen cold spell disaster zones.

Some locals in Amnat Charoen have been seen outside their homes in the morning and the evening making bonfires to keep themselves warm, while some people gather outside to do aerobic exercises.

In the meantime, local doctors have issued warnings, urging those who buy used clothes to boil them for 5-10 minutes before wearing them in order to prevent themselves from catching contagious diseases that might come with the clothes.

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