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Chiangrai Mayor Meets Mayor, Lorena Martinez of Aguascalientes



Mayor, Lorena Martinez Asian counterpart, Sompong Kulwong,

The City of Chiang Rai and Aguascalientes  share a common vision on the characteristics required to ensure a sustainable city to its inhabitants the right conditions to protect the environment while driving their development economic and social development.

This became clear during his meeting the Mayor, Lorena Martinez Asian counterpart, Sompong Kulwong, in the context of the recent activities of World Habitat Day held in Aguascalientes, which exchanged views and successful experiences on the implementation of public policies for the urban environment.

First, the Mayor announced the projects in this field that his administration has undertaken the care and protection of the environment, and the increase in the proportion of green area per inhabitant, no doubt, largely paid the sustainability of the local territory.

“Considering the sustainability and respect for the resources that nature provides us with the minimum environmental impact, not only with the Green Line are going to contribute to this cause, but also parallel schemes such as building public parks with more areas rehabilitation green ridges, for example. ”

Lorena Martinez also stressed that given the difficult environmental landscape that plagues the planet, it’s time for each of the people, from different countries and trenches, and will bring their work to counter and not allowed to continue to advance the effects of phenomena such as climate change.

“Every action of a government that will join the citizens is an important contribution to improving the conditions of the planet, just so we can ensure a better present but above all to ensure a better environment for future generations.”

For its part, the Mayor of Chiang Rai detailed the work done in the community, located north of Thailand, through the project “Urban Biodiversity and Sustainable City to a Resilience to Climate Change”, which yielded great results in the areas economic, social and environmental.

In this regard, said that thanks to the organizations in favor of ecology and of the 62 communities that make up the town, strengthened the spirit of cooperation and shared responsibility, the company is involved in the preservation of 12 acres of green areas is established a Biodiversity Exhibition Centre and a youth group for environmental conservation, and create an alternative source of income for the people by selling plants and crafts.

Similarly, Kulwong Sompong said that the conservation of urban biodiversity is a new concept for local governments, so this type of project should be replicated in other communities.

The meeting was also attended Surano Ong-La, Thai Deputy Secretary of the Municipality and Kitja Ong-La, Rattapong Apithanin and Kantharet Kulwong.

Chiangrai Times – Anna Wong

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