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Bundle Up, Colder Temperatures Predicted for Chiang Rai




Chiang Rai citizens bundle up in cold weather as temperatures continue to drop



CHIANG RAI – Director- General of the Port Authority of Thailand Suttinan Hattawong has visited 24 schools in Chiang Rai Province with Deputy Governor Arkom Sukapan and the chief officer of Wiang Kan District to hand winter clothes to 7,800 underprivileged students.

The temperature in Chiang Rai is predicted to fall below 12 degrees Celsius and into single digits at higher elevations.

Authorities advised residents in winter-stricken areas, especially children and elderly people as well as those at high elevations to protect themselves from weather-related health risks.

The cold weather has increased the demand for sweaters in several parts of the country and prompted the government to focus its concern on risk groups.

Cold weather has made second-hand winter clothes hot items for local people, health officials have warned users of second-hand winter clothing to wash their used winter clothing they purchase in boiling water first to prevent skin diseases.

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