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Thai Lawmakers Seek to Regulate Digital Platforms



Thai Lawmakers Seek to Monitor and Regulate Digital Platforms

Thailand’s lawmakers on Monday approved a draft bill to regulate digital platform businesses to maintain financial and commercial stability. Furthermore, to prevent damage to the public.

A government spokesman said digital platform businesses, both in and out of Thailand, will need to notify the government before operating.

The proposed law will apply to various digital platform services including; online marketplaces; e-commerce sites; food delivery services; ride-sharing services.

The spokesperson said, “They are all increasingly important to the economy and society, so there is a need to oversee them.”

Last month, the Thai government said it would also start collecting value-added tax (VAT) from foreign big-tech companies including Facebook, Google, Grab and streaming services such as Netflix.

Thailand will start collecting VAT tax from foreign technology companies and expects to raise at least US$154.70 million in additional revenue each year, a senior official said.

Foreign companies providing services in Thailand will have to register for VAT payments. The companies are divided into five categories including platforms getting income from e-commerce and advertising.

The companies with revenue of over 1.8 million baht will have to pay VAT of 7%, every month. Thailand also collects about 800 billion baht annually from VAT tax.

Legal decree to regulate digital platforms

Tech Experts Criticize Legal Decree to Regulate Digital Platforms

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